The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 104

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 104

“Matt! Ian, look! It’s Matt!” Vivian cried and pulled Ian over. The two gasped in terror when they saw the atrocious scene. “So, Mr. Hayes, is this your son? You’d better pay up, or I’ll kill him right here!” the man jeered with a sadistic laugh. When the man saw Sebastian’s reaction, he knew instantly that Sebastian was shocked. Sebastian’s mind went blank. He totally did not expect to see a boy who looked just like Ian. Before he could recover from the shock, Sasha had already picked up a huge wench behind the man. Though she was struggling to get on her feet, she was ready to give that man a fatal blow. Sebastian’s eyes widened in alarm. Without a second thought, he hit the command button beside his hand.

The snipers near the pier were already waiting for his order to shoot. Before Sasha could ambush the kidnapper, the man’s body froze at a muffled shot. Sasha took a step back instinctively as specks of warm blood splashed on her face. Right at that instant, she was lost for words. She stood looking at the man dropping to the ground with a blank stare. Everything happened so quickly that her body stiffened at the brutal sight. It was not until a pair of small, clammy hands tugged her that she finally came around and drooped her head, looking at the frightened child. “Mommy, Daddy’s here. He came to save us.” Sasha felt an unbearable burden lifted from her chest immediately. Then, she collapsed to the ground and passed out. She had been out looking for Matteo for the entire night, and she was spent. The wound on her body, although not fatal, had sapped her of her remaining energy with all the excessive bleeding over the past hours. Help arrived in a timely fashion.

The bodyguards took Matteo with them after Sasha was rushed to the hospital immediately. That was the first time Sebastian met his son – a son he had never seen over the past five years. Sasha had kept him well-hidden over the years. “I’m so sorry, Matt!” When Ian saw him, he ran over and apologized profusely. Matteo gave him a warm hug, a tired smile spread across his small face. “You have nothing to be sorry for, Ian. You’re my family, and I don’t want anything to happen to you either. Come to think of it, it’s good that I was the one who got kidnapped. I doubt you’ll be able to survive all this.” Tears welled up in Ian’s eyes when he heard what Matteo said. After all Matteo had been through, he was still thinking about Ian. Sebastian looked at Matteo, and an approving smile subtly settled on his lips. Indeed, he was glad to have finally met his other son, but Matteo’s commendable character was what made Sebastian pleasantly surprised. For the past five years, Sebastian had given the best education to Ian. Yet, Matteo also grew up well despite not being as privileged. His character and mannerism were exceptionally refined and applaudable. This sure put Sebastian in a good mood. Seeing the happiness on his father’s face, Ian held his siblings’ hands and suggested that they go greet Sebastian. But the smile on Matteo’s face suddenly vanished as he pulled back his hand.

“I’ll go wait for Mommy. Let’s go, Vivi.” “Sure,” Vivian agreed. The two turned and left without even looking at Sebastian. In the meantime, Ian and Sebastian looked at one another, not knowing what to say. Did my son just turn his back on me? He doesn’t even care if I’m his father? A gloom settled over Sebastian’s chiseled face. Ian came over and wanted to explain Matteo and Vivian’s behavior, but Sebastian just patted him gently on his head and assured him before going after the two kids. Sebastian knew he was the one who had to do the explaining. After all, he had never done anything for Matteo. “Matt. That’s your name right? Matt.” Sebastian asked when he caught up with the kids who were in front of the operating theater.

He then bent down towards the boy and inquired gently. Nonetheless, Matteo was not buying it at all. He turned his head and looked to another side. Although his reaction was quick, Sebastian still caught a glimpse of tears in the boy’s eyes. Right then, guilt immediately crept in Sebastian’s heart. “I’m sorry, Matt. I never knew about you. That’s why I dismissed the kidnapper’s call when he said he had my son. I would have done everything I could to save you if I knew. I really didn’t mean to come so late.” As a father himself, Sebastian knew why the child was angry and did not want to greet him though the kid knew he was his father. True enough, that was why Matteo was disappointed. When Matteo got carried off, the kidnapper clearly told him that he had called Sebastian three times. And yet Sebastian simply ignored those calls. On the contrary, Sasha was the one who came to his rescue. Using her tablet, she located Matteo and came to protect him.

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