The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 108

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 108

He bit her lip. Sensing the predicament he had placed himself in, he stood there fuming. However, looking at the little girl, he felt his anger dissipate without even realizing it. They remained in the ward a little longer, as Sebastian had to be at work. Before sending the children back, he summoned the doctor to enquire about Sasha’s condition. “Mr. Hayes, the patient is recovering well. If nothing else happens, she will be allowed to be discharged in two days,” said the doctor. “Yay! Did you hear that, Mommy? You’ll be out soon,” Vivian squealed happily. “Will you come live with us at Frontier Bay? We have a large house there, and it’s very beautiful!” Sasha glanced at Sebastian skulking in the corner of the ward and shook her head.

“Of course not, Vivi. We don’t live at Frontier Bay. He will take you there these two days because Mommy will be here at the hospital. When I get out, we’ll be going home, okay?” “Okay, mommy,” Vivi’s face fell in disappointment. Matteo overheard and chimed in. “Yes, Mommy, I will pack our things these two days, and we will go back home together when you get out.” He was a good boy, always obedient to her. Before she could respond, Sebastian, who had just finished speaking with the doctor, stomped over with a scowl on his face. “Matteo! Where do you think you’re going? Royal Court One is now your home, and that’s where you’ll be!” he snapped, with a nasty expression that was plain that he would not take no for an answer.

Sasha and her three children felt cornered and alarmed. However, watching Matteo scrunching up his face in an effort to hold back his tears, her maternal instincts kicked in. “What did you do that for? You frightened him!” she glared at him angrily. Guilt flitted across Sebastian’s face, but he quickly reasserted his uncompromising stance. “I am stating a fact,” he said. “He is my son, and he will not be going back there.” “And why shouldn’t he?” Sasha retorted. “He is my son just as much as yours. Possibly even more so, seeing as I was the one who had raised him for five years.” She was incensed but still afraid of his temper. The thing that she had feared the most had arrived. Sebastian was trying to fight for custody of her babies. Taking them away from her home would just be the first of many more to come. Will he ban them from ever seeing her again? Sasha hugged Matteo close at the thought. Meanwhile, Sebastian was beginning to get worked up again. “

This is ridiculous! He is a Hayes. He will be living with me and not that dump you call a home. Heck, my maids live better than you, so I will not permit my child to live in that hell hole!” “You- “ Sasha gasped for breath and clutched her chest, her anger too much for her still frail body. Matteo hugged his mother in a panic. “Mommy, are you okay? Please don’t be angry. I won’t go anywhere! I will live with you!” Sebastian stood motionless. Just then, Ian came over and tugged on his father’s hand. “Daddy, if you bully Mommy again, I will go with them too!” he walked over and joined his brother at Sasha’s side. Sebastian was furious. He had to fight the urge to spank the boys. They don’t even respect me as a father! I paid for their meals and pushed work aside to spend time with them, and this is how they repay me? Little rascals! He ushered the three children out of the ward without another word. After that, they did not come back for two days. Despite the fight,

Sasha felt optimistic that she would be out and about in two days. When that day arrived, she was in a cheerful mood. An attendant arrived as she was changing out of her hospital robes. “Ms. Wand, Mr. Hayes has instructed that you be sent to Royal Court One at once.” “What?” She leaped up. To Royal Court One? Why? What does that scoundrel want? Is he crazy? Me, living in his house? Sasha felt sure she had misheard. However, the guard who handled her discharge and escorted her out of the building proved otherwise. He held her firmly by her good arm and steered her towards the car. Within minutes, they took off for Frontier Bay. At this very moment, three young children were having a very important meeting at the villa’s hanging garden on the second floor. “My part is done. Mommy will be able to move in immediately once she arrives. How about you, Ian?” Matteo said. “Done! I’ve sent someone to pick up Mommy!” Ian said confidently. “I’ve cleaned up Mommy’s bedroom too! It’s next to mine,” Vivian chirped, not wanting to be left out.

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