The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 111

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 111

Why do they look like they have never had it before? Sasha shook her head in amusement. In the end, they savored the calzones in the room, enjoying the precious family moment together. It was past seven when Sebastian arrived home. Standing at the doorway, he was slightly bewildered to see a pair of woman’s shoes on the shoe rack. Next to it was a pair of shoes that he believed to belong to that little girl. As for the other pair of shoes… “Mr. Hayes, you’re finally home! The kids are waiting to have dinner with you.” As Sebastian was unhappily staring at that pair of shoes, Wendy appeared and greeted him. He retrieved his gaze and then entered the house. Since the kids moved in, Sebastian would come home every night to have dinner with them. On the other hand, he was worried that the housemaid couldn’t cope with taking care of so many children. On the other hand, he wanted to spend more time with Matteo. “Where are they?” “The kids are upstairs. I’ll call them to come down.”

Wendy was about to head upstairs to call the kids when Sebastian suddenly halted her. “Never mind. I’ll call them on my own after I get changed.” With that, Sebastian went up the stairs while carrying his laptop. His distinguished air was discernible by merely looking at his upright back figure. As he walked past the second floor, the kids’ voices from Ian’s room caught his attention. “Then what happened to Jane? Did she get over it?” “Of course! Her mother and brothers love her so much. They constantly give her their support and encouragement, so she managed to get over it.” A woman was answering the kid’s question about the ending of the sob story. Her voice was soothing, like the gentle wind blowing across the lake. At that moment, the kids felt the warmth of a mother’s love, just like the little girl in the story. Who’s in there? Sebastian’s eyes darkened. He halted his steps, casting his gaze over the nursery. Through the narrow slit of the door, he made out a few figures in the room.

The little ones were seen surrounding a woman as they nuzzled up against her. Before he knew it, his face grew grim upon identifying that that woman was none other than Sasha. The next moment, he made his way toward the room in large strides. “Mommy, this story makes me feel sad. I don’t want to listen to it anymore. Can you tell us another story?” “Alright, Vivi. Then let’s…” Sasha was looking through the piles of storybooks for a more cheerful story, when all of a sudden, the door swung open with a bang. Both Vivi and Sasha were silenced at the sudden interruption. Ian and Matteo, who were cuddling up to their mother, were also frightened by the sound of the door slamming against the wall. As they turned around, their faces turned pale the moment their eyes met the gloomy expression on their dad’s face. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Daddy, you’re finally back!” Sebastian was on the verge of losing his temper. To everyone’s surprise, the reticent and introverted Ian suddenly got up and rushed toward Sebastian, wrapping his arms around his legs. At that instant, Sebastian’s temper deflated like a popped balloon. Sasha, on the other hand, was dumbfounded by her son’s action. She had no idea what he was trying to do. “Daddy, thank you.” “What?” Sebastian was no less surprised than Sasha. In fact, he was even more confused since he had no idea what they were doing before he arrived. Just then, the more articulate Matteo came into the picture. “Daddy, Ian was thanking you for letting Mommy live here. Initially, we planned to go to Mommy’s house since she was discharged from hospital today, but Mr. Scott suddenly called us. He said he already fetched Mommy to your house since she needs to treat you. That’s why we didn’t go to her house.” Matteo was clear-headed and eloquent as he spoke.

Although Sebastian knew his son was making an excuse, trying to put him off, he couldn’t find any flaws in his impeccable reasoning. At that moment, Sebastian’s face clouded over. He was unsure whether it was really Luke’s deeds. Yet, one thing that was for sure was that the kids all took Sasha’s side. From the way they spoke up for her and shielded her from his anger, it was obvious that they were working together to stand up against him. Sebastian started to feel the throbbing in his temples upon the realization. Right then, Sasha spoke up, “I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. I think I’d better leave. It was not my intention to come here, but your bodyguards were the ones who brought me here when I came out of the hospital. I… I didn’t know they did it without your permission, so I’m sorry to have stayed in your house for the entire day.” She cast her eyes down the moment they met his angry face, hiding all the emotions in them. The next moment, she stooped down to pick Vivian up.

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