The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 112

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 112

The way things turned out was totally unexpected, especially for Ian and Matteo, who came up with the plan. Everything is going according to our plan. Daddy didn’t ask Mommy to leave, but why is Mommy still leaving? The two little ones were confused. They were too young to understand that things were not as straightforward as they seemed when it came to two adults dealing with each other. Things need not be said most of the time since adults could tell other’s inner thoughts by observing the changes in their facial expressions. “Matt, let’s go.” Carrying Vivian, Sasha reached out her hand to hold Matteo’s. She wouldn’t leave her son at this place. Ian, who was clinging to his dad’s legs, turned around to look at her. His eyes reddened upon hearing her words. As for Matteo, the little boy was torn. Standing by the door, Sebastian spoke up just as the scenario of the separation of a child from his mother was about to play out, “Sasha Wand, are you doing this on purpose?”

Hearing that, Sasha instantly looked up at him. “What are you talking about?” Sebastian’s eyes darkened while he exuded a cold aura. “What, am I wrong? I didn’t ask you here to stir up trouble, but look what you’ve done to the kids!” He cast his eyes over the kids as he spoke. “I…” Sasha swallowed her words at the sight of the boys’ reddened eyes. The room was surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere. Except for Vivian in her arms, both Ian and Matteo, who were in high spirits a moment earlier, were now looking at her pitifully. She never wanted to upset the kids. Feeling guilty, Sasha’s confidence faltered. Yet, Sebastian didn’t afford her a chance to explain herself when he picked Ian up and said, “Let’s go and have dinner now.” Then, he beckoned Matteo over. “Matt, come here. Let’s go down together.” Matteo pursed his lips. Why are both Daddy and Mommy fighting over me? He sighed internally as he was suddenly made to choose between his parents. Nevertheless, Matteo decided to walk toward his dad after weighing his options. “Alright, Daddy. Ian, don’t be sad. Mommy is not going anywhere.

Go, bring Mommy and Vivi to the dining hall, but be careful with her injury.” Being as clever as always, he came up with the brilliant idea of swapping his place with his brother. Ian, too, was clever enough to understand what Matteo was up to. He pulled away from Sebastian and then walked toward Sasha, standing meekly before her. “Mommy…” His pitiful eyes could make anyone’s heart ache for him. Sasha immediately kneeled in front of him, looking him straight in the eyes. “Ian, I’m sorry for making you sad. I’m not going anywhere. I will stay here and be with you.” “Thanks, Mommy.” Ian brightened up in an instant, wrapping his arms around his mother. Apart from her son’s persuasion, the other reason that Sasha decided to stay was that she understood Sebastian didn’t blame her for staying in his house. He was only mad at her because she failed to take good care of the kids; she had disappointed them. Standing by the door, Sebastian stared at Sasha impassively as she wiped the tears off Ian’s face. Seeing that the two had finally recollected themselves, Sebastian let out a snort and then led Matteo downstairs. Both Ian and Matteo were relieved. Daddy didn’t mean to ask Mommy to leave! A few minutes later, all of them went downstairs.

“Come and have your dinner. The food is getting cold.” Wendy ushered them to the dining hall. She was more than happy to see the family coming down together. Sebastian then gave her a slight nod before he led Matteo to the dining table. Matteo was in a good mood. Sitting in the junior chair, he asked smilingly, “Daddy, what do you like to eat?” Sebastian cast a glance at him. “Me? I’m not a picky eater.” “Really? Mommy made calzones today! Do you like calzones?” Matteo threw another question at him. Before Sebastian even said anything, Sasha was startled by Matteo’s question that her hands slipped, almost strangling Vivian when she was tying the napkin around her neck.

“Mommy! Be careful! You won’t get to see me again if you tie the napkin any tighter.” For a few seconds, the dining room fell into an eerie silence. Sasha felt so awkward that she wished the ground would swallow her up. Wendy was trying hard to stifle her laugh. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Sebastian’s eye twitched while looking at Sasha. To save Sasha from embarrassment, she quickly entered the kitchen and then brought them some calzones. “Mr. Hayes, the kids wanted to have calzones today, so Ms. Wand helped me make these notwithstanding her injury. They taste rather nice. Would you like to have some?” Wendy placed a whole set of cutlery and a plate in front of Sebastian. Seeing that, Sasha’s wrung her hands unwittingly.

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