The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 113

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 113

Actually, Sebastian had no liking for calzone. He was a picky eater since he was young. Being a member of the Hayes family, he grew up living a good life. Once he tasted the food and disliked it, the chef wouldn’t prepare the same food again. Calzone first appeared on the Hayes’ dining table that year when Sasha and her family visited them. The Hayes’ had the kitchen prepare this particular dish for them, knowing that they loved Italian dishes. At that time, Sasha clearly remembered that the boy who was five years older than her had only taken a bite of the calzone. He said it tasted awful. Sasha retrieved her gaze as the piece of memory surged within her mind. She cast her eyes downward to focus on feeding her daughter.

A few seconds later, she heard Matteo asking, “Daddy, does it taste good?” “Not bad.” This time, Sebastian elegantly finished the whole calzone. Instead of showing disgust, he nodded approvingly at the savory flavor that lingered on his tongue. Sasha was dumbstruck. Was I hallucinating? Did he just say that it’s not bad? But I remembered him hating it after just one bite… In a state of confusion, Sasha fixed her eyes on Sebastian. As if he sensed her gaze, the man suddenly looked up, his eyes meeting hers. Sasha was startled, and she almost dropped her cutlery. Why do I keep looking at him? I must be out of my mind! At that instant, she had her heart in her throat. She quickly retrieved her gaze and then helped fetch Vivian the dipping sauce, avoiding his eyes. Luckily, Sebastian’s ringing phone spared her from further embarrassment. It was a call from the office, and the man hurried off as soon as he ended the call. As Sebastian’s figure vanished from sight, the naive Vivian suddenly leaned closer to her, whispering in her ear,

“Mommy, are you afraid of Daddy?” Nonetheless, Sasha would not admit it no matter what. She fed Vivian a mouthful to stop her from asking any more questions. “Of course not. Hurry, sweetie. I will give you a shower after you’re done eating.” Her words successfully put Vivian off. Since Sasha would be staying with them, the kids didn’t bother to ask for their dad. After taking their showers, they rushed to Sasha’s room for a bedtime story. Of course, Sasha was more than willing to spend more time with the kids. She had made it a habit to tell Matteo and Vivian bedtime stories when they were living together. Now that Ian had joined them, the story-telling session became all the more enjoyable.

That night, the kids fell asleep in Sasha’s bedroom. Later, she instructed Wendy to carry them to their respective rooms. All of them had a good night’s sleep after that. The next morning, Sasha was awakened by the continuous knocks on the door. “M-Mommy, are you awake? It’s V-Vivi... Mommy, wake u-up!” Sasha was instantly wide awake at the sound of Vivian crying. She quickly climbed out of bed to answer the door. Standing outside her room was Vivian in her pink pajama with tear-stained cheeks, holding a bunny plush. Sasha was worried upon seeing the poor little girl shedding tears. She crouched down to hug her. “What’s wrong, sweetie? Why are you crying? Tell me, what happened?” She thought Vivian was not used to living in a new place. The next moment, Vivian threw herself into her mom’s arm, sniveling sadly. “Mommy, I want to go to preschool… with Ian and Matt… but he doesn’t allow me to…” With that, she once again broke into tears. Preschool? Her words reminded Sasha that the kids still needed to attend preschool. It had been at the back of her mind since she was in the hospital. “Why didn’t he let you go?

Aren’t you attending the same preschool as Matt?” she asked. “After Daddy brought us back, he transferred Matt to Ian’s preschool, but he doesn’t allow me to join them. Mommy…” The little girl was crying her heart out, shaking all over, especially when she said her dad refused to let her join her brothers. Sasha finally understood the reason for her daughter crying. She was heartbroken, and her anger spiked. Yet, she couldn’t possibly argue with Sebastian because that man had no idea that Vivian was his daughter. Besides, she wouldn’t want him to find out about it either. There was no way she could ask him to change his mind. Sasha hugged Vivian tighter, trying to console her, “Why don’t we attend the previous preschool?” “No! I don’t want to! I want to be with Ian and Matt. Mommy, do you not love me anymore? Are you going to abandon me, just like Daddy did?” Vivian looked at her mom through her teary eyes. The latter’s heart wrung at the sight of her sad expression. Vivi, I promise I will let you go to preschool with your brothers! With that, Sasha decided to go all out for the sake of her daughter. She asked Vivian to wait in her room while she prepared herself before heading to the third floor.

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