The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 114

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 114

“Sebastian? Are you awake? I need to talk to you.” Actually, Sasha was reluctant to step foot on the third floor again because every time she did, they would end up arguing. There was not even once that they could talk peacefully. Thinking that their upcoming conversation was a serious and unpleasant one, she backed away a little from his bedroom door to maintain a safe distance. About a minute later, she heard some noises from inside the room. Then, there was the sound of footsteps approaching the door. “What is it?” Sebastian appeared behind the opened door in his dark shirt. His collar was unbuttoned, revealing his collarbone. Underneath the leather belt and shiny gunmetal buckle was a pair of long legs. The man had a dignified grace in his appearance. Inexplicably, Sasha felt a bit self-conscious in front of him. “It’s nothing, actually. It’s just that I heard you’ve transferred Matteo to Ian’s preschool.

I… I was just wondering if you could let Vivi join them.” “Why should I? She’s not my child anyway,” was his curt reply. Sasha felt a feeling of guilt washed over her. “E-Even though she’s not your child, she’s still Matt and Ian’s sister. Can’t you let her join them for the boys’ sake?” “No!” Sebastian wouldn’t budge. With that, the man turned to close the door. Seeing that, Sasha stepped forward and pushed against the door, preventing him from closing it. “Hey, don’t be so harsh! Let’s talk this through.” At this moment, she had forgotten that she was determined to stay away from him earlier. “Go away!” “I know I’m rude toward you sometimes, so please forgive me if I ever offended you. I promise I’ll do whatever you want – just say it.” Disregarding his reluctance, Sasha slid into his room. She went all out by making such a huge promise. Sebastian was about to throw her out, but he halted upon hearing her words. She’ll do whatever I want? “Anything?” he asked. Looming over Sasha, his dark eyes bore straight into hers.

The unfathomable emotion in his eyes made her shudder. For a moment, Sasha’s mind went blank as the man stared her down. She blinked her eyes and swallowed dryly, not knowing how to respond. Why is he so intimidating? “What? Are you scared?” Sebastian moved forward, forcing the woman to have her back against the door frame. He curled his lips into a condescending sneer when he noticed the fear and panic on her face. Sasha’s eyes widened as she put on a brave front. “I’m not scared! Tell me, what do you want me to do? Oh, didn’t you want me to treat you? I can do it now.” With that, she reached out her hand to touch his tired-looking face. Before Sebastian could even react, Sasha had accurately found the acupuncture points somewhere in between his brows and started massaging them gently. Her fingers were cold in the winter morning.

Sebastian was in a daze since he didn’t expect she would be so bold as to lay her fingers on him. Or perhaps, it was because her massaging had eased his eye strain after another sleepless night. “Do you feel better? For people like you who have a huge workload and have yet to recover from illness, it is a great relief from pain and distress if I give you a massage every morning.” In all seriousness, Sasha was really putting in her effort to treating this man. After all, she was counting on her massage skills to get Vivian into Empire Preschool. Since the man was six feet tall, she needed to lean forward to massage him. Still focusing on the task at hand, she was unaware that their current position was a bit too intimate.

Sebastian’s eyes darkened at their close proximity. In fact, they were so close to each other that he could clearly see his reflection through her crystal clear eyes. He could sense the faint scent of her lime shower gel. Her breath was tickling him as she spoke, and he couldn’t seem to move his eyes away from her tempting lips. The thought of feeling the tenderness of her lips soon surfaced in his mind. “Argh!” Just then, Sasha cried out in pain when she accidentally stretched the tissue surrounding her wound due to overexertion of force. The next moment, she toppled over. Without a second thought, Sebastian grabbed her waist, pulling her into his arms. In an attempt to regain her balance, Sasha instinctively grabbed his shirt, popping a few buttons off it. At the same time, her lips brushed against his chest accidentally…

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