The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 115

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 115

At that moment, time seemed to be on a standstill. None of them moved. Sebastian’s eyes darkened at the tingling sensation on his chest. As for Sasha, her face flushed a crimson red, looking at him like a frightened doe. What have we done? How did things end up this way? Her mind went black as she clung to Sebastian’s body. Meanwhile, the latter’s hands were still holding her waist. Slowly, the warmth of his hand seeped through her clothes, making her heart thumped wildly. Although she had given birth to his three children, they had never been so close to each other before. At the same time, Sebastian’s breathing grew heavier as his eyes traced her delicate face. Actually, Sasha was a good-looking woman.

Her crystal clear eyes looked like a pair of dazzling gems while her lips were soft and supple, tempting him to have a taste of it. Sebastian’s eyes darkened while he lowered his head, moving closer to hers. Sasha held her breath, her heart pounding like crazy. “Daddy, are you ready to go?” Just then, a child’s voice rang out with the sound of footsteps running up the stairs. Instantly, Sasha came back to her senses, pushing the man away from her. Then, she hurriedly stumbled her way out of his bedroom. Matteo, who just reached the third floor, halted his steps. Oh, no! It seems like I’ve ruined everything for Mommy and Daddy. The observant Matteo knew there must be something happening between his parents by their looks. He couldn’t help feeling frustrated, thinking he shouldn’t have come at the wrong timing.

“Daddy, t-take your time… Um… Please c-continue.” Pretending as if he didn’t notice anything, Matteo waved at his parents and then walked downstairs. Sasha felt embarrassed, and her face went blushing as red as the tomato. “Matt, what are you talking about? There’s nothing happening between us. Hey, don’t go! Wait for me!” She immediately went after Matteo, not daring to take another look at the man behind her. As she reached the second floor, she saw Matteo entering Ian’s bedroom. It turned out the boys were long awake. Matteo went upstairs just now to ask if their dad would send them to preschool today. Right! Preschool! The sight of the two children carrying their school bags reminded Sasha that Vivian was still waiting for her, so she turned and rushed to her room. “Vivi…” Vivian had waited a long time in the room. Upon hearing Sasha’s voice, she instantly cast her plushie aside and opened the door. “Mommy, I’m here! Have you persuaded

Daddy? Is he going to let me join Ian’s preschool?” Sasha fell silent while looking at her daughter’s face that was full of anticipation. She was so panicked just now that she forgot to confirm with Sebastian whether he agreed to transfer Vivian to Ian’s preschool. Now, she had lost the courage to ask that man again. What should I do? Should I go and ask him again? “Mommy?” “Yes. Daddy has agreed. Come, let’s get you changed.” At this moment, Sasha couldn’t care less about Sebastian; all she wanted was not to disappoint her daughter. Without loss of time, she helped Vivian get changed and tied her hair before bringing her downstairs. “Matt, Ian, is it okay if you go to school with Vivi today?” “Hooray! We can finally go to school with Vivi!” Both Ian and Matteo, who were already waiting downstairs, jumped in excitement at the news.

They were more than willing to go to preschool with Vivian, especially Matteo, who had always attended preschool with his sister. In fact, even if Sasha didn’t talk to Sebastian, he was going to voice his dissatisfaction about Sebastion’s decision anyway. And so, the kids left happily for preschool, with Ian and Matteo holding each one of Vivian’s hands. Standing at the porch, Sasha’s eyes followed them as they left. As she turned to enter the house, she saw Sebastian coming downstairs. The next moment, she stumbled and hit the door. “Y-You’re here…” Sebastian walked in her direction, his expression cold and distant. He didn’t even spare a glance at her as if he had totally forgotten about what happened earlier. Sasha was relieved since she wouldn’t feel that awkward this way. Keeping her head down, she pressed her back against the door to give way to Sebastian. She decided to slip into the house when he was not noticing.

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