The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 116

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 116

Sebastian suddenly halted his steps. “They’re gone?” “Huh?” Sasha looked up, blinking her eyes in panic. “Y-Yes.” “I can let her join Ian’s preschool, but you should be the one responsible for the fee.” Sasha was elated as she never thought he would give his consent. Having forgotten about the awkward moment earlier, she replied, “Sure! How much is it? I can pay you right now!” She waited for Sebastian to tell her the amount she needed to pay. With the money she saved up during the past few years, she believed it wouldn’t be much of a problem to send her daughter to Ian’s preschool. However, she couldn’t believe her ears when Sebastian told her that the fee was one million. “What? One million?!”

Sasha’s eyes widened in disbelief. The preschool fee is a million? Is he kidding me? Even studying at the best university overseas won’t cost as much. That’s daylight robbery! She asked harshly, “Are you kidding me? The preschool fee costs a million? What’s so special about this preschool?” Sebastian sneered, “Well, it’s the best preschool in Avenport funded by me.” He paused for a while before he added, “A million only covers a semester. If you really want to let your daughter study there, you need to prepare at least two million. Ms. Wand, are you sure about it?” This man has indeed lived up to his identity as a cunning and profit-oriented businessman. He is not satisfied at all with a million that he now doubles the price. Sasha was so angry until her fingers trembled. Vivian is your daughter! How could you treat her like that? Wouldn’t you worry that your children won’t take care of you when you’re older? Right that moment, she wished she could slap that b*stard’s face with her shoe. But before she could do anything,

Sebastian had walked out of the door. Sasha’s body thudded against the door, her shoulders slouching. Wendy quickly came up to her and consoled her, “Ms. Wand, are you alright? Don’t listen to Mr. Hayes. He was just kidding, and he won’t ask for that much.” Oh Wendy, I bet you’re wrong this time. Sasha knew she had always been a thorn in Sebastian’s flesh. Now that he thought Vivian was not his daughter, it was impossible for that man not to charge her. Later, Sasha returned to her room to check the balance in her bank account. She found out there were only four hundred thousand, which was not even close to a million. What should I do now? I don’t have enough money… I have to let Vivi go to preschool with her brothers…

Her heart ached when she recalled Vivian looking at her with anticipatory eyes earlier this morning. Sitting on her bed, she scrolled through her phone to see if there was any other way she could gather the remaining six hundred thousand. In the end, she managed to find a person who could help – Solomon! Meanwhile, at the Hayes Corporation. Luke only heard that Sasha had moved into Royal Court One after he came back from a meeting. He was so shocked that he spat out his water. “What did you say? Ms. Wand moved into Mr. Hayes’s house?” “Aren’t you the one who ordered the bodyguards to bring her there? Why are you so surprised?” The person gossiping with Luke was the clerk who paid Sasha’s hospital charges. Thus, she knew exactly what happened that day. Hearing that, Luke once again choked on his water. Bullsh*t! Why would I even do that?

I’m not crazy! After that, he took a sip of water to calm his nerves. “How are they now? Are they alright?” “They’re fine. Mr. Scott, I’m curious. Is Ms. Wand really Mr. Hayes’s ex-wife? What a shocker! I’ve never heard that he was married before, but now his ex-wife suddenly appeared. Isn’t Ms. Green his fiancée?” the clerk asked curiously. Matteo’s kidnapping incident had caused a huge commotion, and the Hayes Corporation had even deployed snippers and helicopters for the rescue mission. Now, all of the employees were curious about the identity of Matteo – the boy who looked identical to Ian. To the clerk’s disappointment, Luke would not quench her curiosity. It was not his place to gossip about the president’s private affairs. Luke soon dove into his work. To his surprise, Xandra showed up at the office that afternoon. “Look! It’s Ms. Green! She’s here!” “She hasn’t shown up for days. I thought she’s not coming to the office anymore.” “Duh! Even though Mr. Hayes’s ex-wife suddenly appeared, she’s still Mr. Hayes’s fiancée. Only an idiot will give up the opportunity to become the president’s wife.”

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