The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 117

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 117

Xandra became the center of attention the moment she stepped foot in the company. The employers were still whispering to each other. Instead of rushing up to Xandra to fawn over her, they were now standing aside with crossed arms, waiting to see if she would make a scene. Xandra hadn’t shown her face for days. She couldn’t help clenching her fists in anger when she noticed she was the subject of their gossips. Now, everyone in Hayes Corporation knew Sasha was Sebastian’s ex-wife and that that woman was Ian’s mother. If Xandra wanted to marry Sebastian, all she could do was to maintain her grace and put on airs as the future president’s wife. “G-Good morning, Ms. Green.” “Morning.” Xandra unclenched her fists and returned the greeting of an employee, who was holding a pile of documents while waiting for the elevator beside her. As expected, the employee was pleasantly surprised by Xandra’s friendliness. She was so nervous that her palms became sweaty when she entered the elevator after Xandra.

“Are you from the business department?” “Yes.” “I see you’re carrying a lot of documents. Did your workload increase after Sasha stopped coming to work?” asked Xandra with a gentle smile on her face. The employee was slightly bewildered when Xandra suddenly mentioned Sasha, which didn’t ring a bell with her. When the employee finally remembered that Sasha was the president’s ex-wife, her body tensed up in an instant. “N-Not really. Actually, s-she…” “I don’t wish any employer to overstretch themselves. You can ask the vice president to get the Human Resource Department to hire new staff. Initially, we hired Sasha because she was idle at home. We later dismissed her since she was not competent with the job. It’s better to hire new staff so that it won’t affect the department’s work efficiency.” Xandra was acting all amiable and friendly for some reason.

It was as if she was sympathizing with the employer’s distress, she even looked guilty when she said it was her decision to put Sasha in the business department. The employer was shocked by the revelation. Oh, my goodness! So Ms. Green was the one who let that woman work in our department. No wonder she disappeared after having only worked for one day. It’s because Ms. Green dismissed her for causing all the trouble in the business department! It seems like Mr. Hayes’s ex-wife is no match for Ms. Green since the latter could send her away whenever she wants. The employer’s eyes shone with excitement, thinking she got the news first-hand. Feeling eager to share the piece of news with her colleagues, she rushed out as soon as the elevator door opened.

Unbeknownst to her, a wicked smile crept onto Xandra’s face after she left. Sasha, do you seriously think you can compete with me? I’ll let everyone know who the lady of Hayes Corporation is. A determined glint flashed across her eyes as she tucked her hair behind her ears. A few minutes later, the elevator brought her to the president’s office. “Ms. Green, you’re here!” “Good morning, Ms. Green!” “Morning, Ms. Green.” Within minutes after the conversation in the elevator, there was a drastic change in the employers’ attitude as they greeted her reverently. Xandra flashed them a faint smile before entering Sebastian’s office. “Sebastian, I’m here to bid you farewell.” Sitting behind his desk, Sebastian was occupied with his work. He didn’t give Xandra any response though she was fixing her ardent gaze at him. He intended to ignore her until he heard her words. “What? Farewell?” “

What do you mean?” he asked again. Looking at the man’s knotted brows, for a moment, Xandra wanted to change her mind and tell him that she was joking. Just then, Aunt Kelly’s words rang out in her mind. She then recalled the employers’ attitude toward her just now. Rumors that were unfavorable toward her were circulating in the company. That had had an impact on her credibility as the future president’s wife. In the end, she put up a good front, showing her considerate side. “Do you remember me telling you that I’ve sent my script to a magazine company overseas? They’ve contacted me recently, saying that they wanted to sign me.” “Really?” Sebastian’s expression softened. Xandra’s writings and her perseverance were the things he liked about her. He didn’t know how she managed to write all those letters buried under the magnolia tree. Eventually, she survived through hell, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. “If that’s so, you should give it a try. Do you need me to book a flight for you?” he asked. Xandra was exhilarated as this was the first time he showed that he actually cared about her.

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