The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 119

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 119

It was a sudden idea of Xandra’s to go shopping at the mall. Since she became Sebastian’s fiancée, she had been living a luxurious life. Every aspect of her daily livings was being taken care of to the highest standard. Since it would be a long stay overseas this time, she decided to buy a few more handbags and bring them along with her. “Sebastian, wait for me in the car. I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Sebastian nodded a response without looking at her. As soon as he stopped the car, he fished out his phone to check if there were any urgent matters that he needed to attend to. Seeing that, Xandra didn’t dare to disturb him. She quietly put on her coat and then got out of the car. “Must we go upstairs? We can just buy a coat at any one of the shops on the ground floor.” “Sure! We’ll head to the ground floor then. Are you cold?” “

No. Let’s go.” The moment Xandra opened the door, the chilly breeze gushed into the car, along with snippets of indistinct conversation. Sebastian stopped scrolling his phone upon hearing the familiar voice. In an instant, he cast his eyes over to see Sasha walking with another man. He exuded a cold and ominous aura, especially when he saw the man wrapping his coat around the petite figure. Within seconds, the atmosphere around him dropped below freezing point. Sasha Wand! Eventually, Sasha entered a shop on the ground floor. She decided to randomly pick a coat so that they could then go for the interview. “Welcome, Miss. How can I help you?” Sasha cast her eyes over the shop and said openly, “

I need an affordable coat.” She once lived a good life before the disruption of the Wand family. Even so, she never really pursued a materialistic lifestyle back then, let alone now. To her, the utility of an item was more important than whether it was branded. The staff, however, became aloof upon hearing her words. At the same time, Solomon cast a cold glance at the staff before he took a coat from the latest collection. “Nancy, there’s no hurry. We should pick one that suits you the most. I think this looks pretty good. Why don’t you try it on?” The staff brightened up and started concurring with Solomon, “That’s right. Miss, this coat suits you well. I believe you will definitely attract everyone’s attention on the street.” “Really?” Sasha gazed at the coat dubiously. Solomon reassured her, “Trust me. Just go and try it on first, and then we’ll decide whether we are getting it.” With that, he grabbed her hand, leading her to the fitting room. Since Solomon insisted, Sasha gave in and did as he said. In the meantime, the staff was trying to strike up a conversation with Solomon outside the fitting room. “Sir, you sure have good taste.

This coat is of the latest collection launched recently. You’ll be stunned when your girlfriend comes out later wearing the coat.” Solomon smiled faintly but remained silent. A few minutes later, Sasha came out in the coat. The coat suited her perfectly as if it was custom-tailored for her. The Morandi color collar greatly accentuated her fair skin, while the classic Chanel-style design that emphasized the wearer’s waistline highlighted her curves. “Miss, you look gorgeous.” All of the staff in the shop exclaimed in awe. Solomon was also amazed. He had long known that she was beautiful. Yet he never thought she could be so stunning after dressing up. “We’ll take this one. Wrap it-” “Sebastian, this coat looks nice! I love it.

Can we get this one?” Just as Solomon was about to pay for the coat, Xandra caught sight of Sasha’s back view in the shop. She immediately pleaded with Sebastian coyly to buy the very coat that Sasha was trying on. Sebastian?! Sasha froze in front of the mirror. Her expression changed upon hearing someone calling Sebastian’s name. It can’t be that coincidental, right? How could we even bump into each other in one of the many shops in this huge mall? Inexplicably, Sasha started to panic. Before she could even hide in the fitting room, Xandra had rushed into the shop. “Excuse me, wrap this up for me.” Notwithstanding that Sasha was wearing the coat, Xandra was so insolent that she directly asked the staff to wrap it up for her. The staff was stumped by her request. As for Solomon, the usual calmness on his face was replaced by anger. “Miss, my friend is trying on the coat. Isn’t it inappropriate of you to cut in line?” “There’s nothing inappropriate about it. Since I have my eyes on the coat, it now belongs to me.” “Why should we let you have it?” “Because she’s my woman. Is this reason valid enough?” Right then, Sebastian entered the shop. Although it was wintertime, the man was wearing a thin shirt underneath his unbuttoned black coat. One might wonder if he could even stand the cold weather outside.

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