The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 120

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 120

His woman? Sasha’s feeling of panic and nervousness disappeared, replaced by her usual calmness. She turned around and said coldly, “What if I refuse?” Upon that, Xandra’s eyes widened in shock as she looked at Sasha’s face in a daze. “Sasha Wand? It’s you! Why are you here?” With a condescending smile, Sasha scoffed, “Ms. Green, what a strange question you’ve asked. I can come and shop if I want to. I don’t need to ask for your permission, do I?” She didn’t even bother to hide her disgust and hatred toward Xandra. “You!” Xandra turned red in anger. Without sparing another glance at her, Sasha turned to face Solomon and said apologetically, “Sorry about that, Solomon. Could you please hand me my purse? We’ll leave after I pay for the coat.” “

Alright. Here you go.” Solomon was standing by the side during the ladies’ exchange. He handed over the purse that he was carrying to Sasha at her request. Seeing that, Sebastian’s eyes turned gloomy. A woman would only let a man carry her purse if they were in a close relationship, just like Xandra would ask him to carry hers though he would reject her most of the time. Anger was boiling in him. Initially, he brought Xandra to the shop with the intention of humiliating Sasha. Instead of leaving triumphantly, he was so pissed that he wished he could strangle that woman to death. Just then, Sasha seemed to be facing some issue when making payment. “Miss, this coat costs one hundred and eighty thousand, but the balance in your credit card is only a hundred thousand.” Sasha cried out, “What?! A hundred and eighty thousand?” She was so shocked that she forgot that there were two people in the shop, waiting to humiliate her. The cost of the coat was almost twice the amount of her savings.

How could she spend all her savings on a coat when she still needed to earn money to pay her daughter’s preschool fee? At that instant, Sasha regretted making such a stupid decision of buying the coat just to defend her dignity in front of Xandra and Sebastian. Meanwhile, Xandra and Sebastian were gloating over her misfortune. Seeing Sasha in trouble, Sebastian curled his lips into a smug smile. He even pulled a chair over and sat down with his legs crossed. Hmph! Since you enjoy shopping with other men, why don’t you call more of your male friends over and ask them to pay for you? Let’s see if any of them could actually afford that coat. At this moment, Xandra spoke up, “Sasha, do you not have enough money? Let me pay for you. Actually, you’ve misunderstood me. I didn’t know you were trying the coat earlier.” Unlike her previous aggressive manner, she offered to help Sasha pay for the coat gently. What the flippin’ hell… What is she trying to do? Is she trying to show to that scum that his wife-to-be is a generous and kind woman? Sasha clenched her fists. Just as she was about to accept defeat and leave the shop, the man standing beside her handed over a credit card to the staff. “My girlfriend doesn’t need your help,” Solomon said to Xandra. Then, he turned to face the staff. “We’re paying with my credit card. And also, please wrap the dirty coat in the fitting room for us.” The mellow tone in his voice resembled a tenor saxophone – smooth and almost hypnotizing. Everyone was gaping at him.

At this point, the shop was dead silent to the point that one could hear a pin drop. This was an unexpected outcome to everyone, including Sasha. In her befuddled state, she watched the staff swiped the card and wrapped the dirty coat for them. Before she had even realized it, Solomon took her hand in his. “We’ll be going now. Enjoy your shopping!” Solomon was polite enough to say his goodbye to both Xandra and Sebastian before leading Sasha out of the shop. The shop was still engulfed by dead silence though Solomon and Sasha were long gone. At that moment, Xandra dared not to utter a single word in the face of Sebastian’s intimidating aura. She had not seen Sebastian this angry before. His face was clouded over, and his eyes gleamed with murderous intent. “S-Sebastian…” Bang! Sebastian rose to his feet and kicked the chair forcefully. The next moment, he rushed out of the shop. Xandra immediately chased after him to stop him but to no avail. The man had run so fast that his figure vanished from sight in no time. Xandra reached the parking lot only to see the black Bentley whizzed by her and soon vanished from sight. Does he have to be so angry just because his ex-wife has found herself a boyfriend? She bit her lips, trying hard to hold back her tears.

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