The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 121

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 121

In truth, Sebastian’s reaction to the matter felt like a knife to her heart. She wasn’t willing to admit it but she did lose the battle this time to Sasha. How can this be? Doesn’t he not love her? When she was pregnant, he showed no concern for her at all. But what made him change after five years? Xandra went home in disappointment. Meanwhile, Sasha was stuck in a daze. It wasn’t until Solomon drove her far out of the city and had almost arrived at his friend’s clinic that she slowly regained her senses. “Stop by the side, Solomon. Stop the car!” The moment she recovered her senses, she insisted angrily for Solomon stop the car at once to which he complied. “Nancy, I…” “Enough. I am in no mood to listen to you. I’m busy today and won’t be heading over to your friend’s place. I’m sorry.” After cutting him off, Sasha opened the car door and was prepared to leave. Solomon panicked in response.

“Nancy, listen to me. I didn’t mean what I did earlier. When I saw them humiliating you, I just couldn’t bear to watch and ended up saying those words.” Solomon didn’t dare to restrain her physically. After she got out of the car, he quickly followed and came around to block her way instead. Earlier, he was just trying to be expedient. Unable to tolerate the situation any further, he declared that she was his girlfriend. However, Sasha didn’t relent. In fact, his words caused her expression to darken which rarely happened over the many years they had known each other. Solomon began to feel anxious. “Nancy?” “You knew everything about me, don’t you? And you knew who Sebastian is too, right?” Sasha finally glared at him intently and it was the first time he heard her speak to him in such a frosty tone, causing him to turn pale. “Let me explain…” “Forget it. Actually, it doesn’t really matter. You’re right, I am Sebastian’s ex-wife and both my children are his. Therefore, Solomon, you should stay away from me just so that he doesn’t hurt you. It’s for the best that we pretend to not know each other.” Sasha finally calmed down and warned Solomon solemnly. However, he was infuriated by what she suggested. “Why should I stay away from you?

Both of you are no longer related to each other so what gives him the right to treat you this way? Nancy, you don’t have to be afraid. I’ll protect you from now on.” Suddenly, he approached Sasha with a longing look in his eyes, causing her to freeze for a moment before retreating a few steps. Staring at him, she suddenly felt a surge of resentment inside her. She ignored him and tried to flag a cab by the street. In a very short while, she managed to get into one and left. All this while, she was aware of his feelings for her. But she had told him that they can only remain as friends as she would never love another man for the rest of her life. After getting into the cab, Sasha informed the driver of her address as she planned to head home for a nap. Little did she expect her phone to ring. “Hello?” “Sasha, where are you? Why is Vivi suddenly sent back here? Isn’t she staying with you?” It was Jackson’s voice on the phone, telling her that Vivian had been sent to his place. How is that possible? Isn’t Vivi at preschool? Sasha found it strange. “I’m outside right now and have no idea why Vivi was sent over. Who sent her? Also, what about Matt? Aren’t they together?”

“I didn’t see Matt. A few young men in suits came by. Do you know anything about it?” Sasha was lost for words. Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat as a frightening thought flashed across her mind. A sense of dread began to swell within her. “Alright, I understand. Uncle Jackson, I’ll find out what’s going on immediately.” Sasha ended the call and called Empire Preschool immediately. Once they knew she was Vivian’s mother, the staff at Empire Preschool confirmed that Vivian was picked up from school. “It was someone named Luke Scott who came to get her.” “What did you say? Luke?” “Yes. He even left with her brothers, Ian and Matteo.” Overwhelmed by fear, Sasha was so shocked she couldn’t hear anything else. With her hands trembling, she even dropped her phone in the cab. No, this is not possible. He won’t do such a thing. After all, we were only arguing and there’s no reason for him to go that far. Sasha couldn’t stop reassuring herself. However, when she picked up her phone to call Luke, the reality that greeted her pushed her back into the abyss. “Why are you asking me? How should I know? I’m equally confused by what’s going on. Why was I suddenly instructed to pick up your sons? Or send your daughter to your uncle’s place?” After a long bout of silence, Sasha, already pale, could hear herself ask, “What about the boys then? Where are they?” “Do you mean Mr. Matteo? Both he and Mr. Ian have been picked up. Mr. Hayes has asked me to book flight tickets for Machia for them.”

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