The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 123

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 123

However, it was only for a fleeting moment. The next second, the lady took off her sunglasses and hurled it at him together with the designer handbag. “How dare you bar me from coming up here. Do you think I can be bullied so easily? Sebastian Hayes, let me tell you, if you don’t return my boys to me, I will kick up such a big fuss that you will regret it!” Bam! Sebastian’s eyes narrowed as he jumped out of his chair to evade the flying objects. The bag and sunglasses crashed onto his table, smashing into his computer and sending all his documents flying. Sebastian was shocked as he stared at the computer and documents strewn all over the floor and also the rock that rolled out of the handbag. He was so furious that he was lost for words. Sasha was equally shaken. Oops, did I overdo it? His computer might contain a lot of important data. If I broke it, does it mean there’s no more room for negotiation? Sigh, I should have chosen a smaller rock. Sasha began to regret her actions.

Meanwhile, a thunderous roar finally rang out of the office. “Sasha Wand! Do you f*cking want to die? I’ll help you along if that’s what you want.” Sasha retreated a step by reflex. “You… you forced me to do it. Why did you to kidnap my children and send them to Machia? What’s your intention? Are you trying to prevent me from seeing them ever again? Sebastian, let me warn you that if you continue to do this, I’ll do something even more extreme!” Having rediscovered her courage, she started to stand up for herself. Furthermore, she had also given him a warning. Sebastian was further infuriated by her words. “How dare you threaten me? Let me tell you that they are my sons. I can send them wherever I want.” “But I gave birth to them, and I am their mother!” “You have lost the right to be their mother, Sasha. Ever since you shamelessly seduced other men, you no longer qualify to be one. You don’t even deserve to touch them!” She had never expected him to attack her in this way. Sasha wanted to look for a rock again.

This time, it wasn’t his computer she was aiming for but his head instead. I’ll smash his head into pieces and burn it to crisp in the oven. How about that? “Sebastian, let me be clear. Since when did I seduce anyone else? That’s just because someone was helping me out of indignance over how you treated me. Do you think I’m like you? Desperate to the extent where you brought a woman home while I was still pregnant?” “So what if I have a boyfriend? Is it illegal? We no longer have anything to do with each other. And you allowed that vixen to become your wife officially. So why is it that when I do the same thing, I become the one who is seducing another man? Don’t you think it’s just absurd?” Her last sentence couldn’t be anymore stinging. At the same time, Sebastian felt as if he had been slapped in the face, causing him to turn green in anger.

Against such scum, I have to take a hardstand. Or else, he will never show me any respect. And most importantly, he won’t remember that we no longer have anything to do with each other. The tension in the room finally began to ease. At that moment, amidst the incendiary atmosphere of the office, silence blanketed the whole floor. It was so frighteningly quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Sasha couldn’t help but clench her fists. “Get out!” “What?” Sasha looked up and wondered if she had heard wrongly. Obviously, she didn’t as Sebastian had put his phone on speaker. “Get security in here, now!” His expression had drastically changed. Just a moment ago, he was filled with fury and murderous rage. But now, he seemed different. After being scolded by Sasha and regaining his composure, his expression became icy cold and nothing else could be gleaned from it. Feeling agitated still, Sasha wanted to continue pressing her case. However, someone suddenly rushed in.

“Mr. Hayes, your sons have disappeared at the airport!” “What did you say?” Just as he spoke, both Sasha and Sebastian stared at the man. Then, both of them lost their composure. That man was one of Sebastian’s bodyguards who was tasked to escort the children to the airport. “I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. I didn’t watch them carefully enough. It’s just that… they are just too smart. The moment we arrived at the airport, they gave me the slip.” The bodyguard looked as if he was on the brink of tears as there was nothing he could do. After all, those two children were in a league of their own. Initially, when Sebastian decided to send them to Machia, he arranged for seven to eight bodyguards to escort them as he knew how slippery they could be. However, the moment they arrived at the airport, one of them made an excuse to use the gents as a distraction while the other shut down all the bodyguards’ phones by hacking them with his tablet… Luckily, Sebastian and Sasha didn’t see the bodyguards’ faces at the airport when they lost the boys. It was an absolute disaster.

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