The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 124

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 124

“You are a bunch of useless trash!”

After admonishing his bodyguards, he stormed out of his office.

Meanwhile, Sasha quickly followed behind him.

Sebastian remarked, “Why are you following me? Didn’t I ask you get out?”

Sasha retorted, “I didn’t hear it. Sebastian, let’s stop quarreling for the time being and find the boys first, alright?”

She decided to relent and began pleading with him with a pitiful expression.

She had no choice as the children were everything to her. At that moment, she was willing to do anything for them, including apologizing and retracting her earlier words.

Sebastian glared at her intently and prioritized his sons in the end.

With that, both of them set out together.

Outside, all his nosy staff were dumbfounded.

What just happened?

Why did Mr. Hayes leave with the woman? Who is she?

Wait a minute, why does she look familiar?

The eyes and the pale lips…

“F*ck! Isn’t that his… ex-wife?”

Everyone in the president’s office was stunned.

Both Matteo and Ian did escape.

However, they didn’t venture far and were still at the airport because they were discussing something of great importance.

“I think Daddy and Mommy must be having some problems again.”


Sitting on the sofa of a cafe, Ian held onto his glass of warm milk and grudgingly agreed with his brother’s assessment.

Given how they were abruptly brought from the preschool to the airport while their sister was sent away separately; it was obvious that something serious had happened.

What should we do now?

Ian was equally frustrated as he had a hunch that Daddy must be the one at fault.

If that is true, what are we going to do if Matteo loses his patience and forbids Mommy from being together with Daddy? Would he and Vivi leave with Mommy then?

Ian tightened his grip on his Transformers toy.

“Ian, I don’t think we can allow this to continue. We have to think of a way to teach Daddy a lesson.”

As expected, Matteo had thought of the same thing when he voiced his concerns.

Ian’s face lost all color as he hung his head in silence.


“Go on…”

Ian finally nodded in resignation.

After which, Matteo explained his plan in detail.

“Look, Daddy brought us to the airport so that he can send us somewhere that Mommy can’t find us. In that case, we should let him have a taste of his own medicine.”


Ian looked up immediately and stared intently at his brother.

He was sensitive enough to notice Matteo had used the word “we” and wasn’t just referring to himself.

However, Matteo assumed that his brother was asking again because he didn’t understand. Hence, he explained his plan one more time.

“Since Daddy doesn’t want Mommy to see us, we might as well include Mommy in this. We shouldn’t let Daddy find the three of us. No, wait… I mean the four of us, including Vivi. We must let him know what it feels like to not be able to see all of us. What do you think?”

“Sounds good,” Ian readily agreed.

After all, he was of the opinion that Daddy should be made aware of his mistake.

Therefore, after both of them left the cafe, they went to the airline’s sales counter.

A few minutes later, while Sasha was sitting inside Sebastian’s car, which was speeding to the airport, she received a message on her phone.

It read: Ms. Nancy, with regards to the four flight tickets to Clear which you have bought, the departure time is 14:35…

“Ahh!” Sasha gasped aloud.

When Sebastian who was driving heard it, he turned around in anger. “What are you shouting for? Are you sick in the head?”

Sasha didn’t dare make another sound.

She was shocked to find out that she had inadvertently booked four flight tickets of which three were child seats.

Suddenly, something ridiculous flashed across her mind.

It was at that moment that she received another message. This time it was an ordinary one.

It read: Mommy, did you receive the message about the flight tickets? It’s Matteo here. Listen to me, Ian and I have booked tickets for the four of us to return to Clear and leave naughty Daddy behind.


Shocked, Sasha coughed aloud to contain her surprise.

Already exasperated by the fact the children were missing, Sebastian slammed on the brakes and stopped the car by the roadside.

“Get down!”

“Huh?” Sasha put on her pitiful face again.

“Don’t, I’ll stop coughing. I was choked by a gush of cold wind. I promise I’ll…”

“Don’t let me repeat myself!”

Sasha could filled the rage and animosity in his tone.

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