The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 125

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 125

Fine, I’ll get out if that’s what he wants. After getting out and slamming the door shut, Sebastian floored the accelerator and sped off like a rocket. Pfft! When he was gone, Sasha quickly called the number that had texted her. “Hello? Matt?” “Mommy, it’s me, Matt. Did you get my message? Matteo was using the hacking software on his tablet to communicate with his mom. When they heard her voice from her, both brothers were elated. However, their mom didn’t sound as happy as they had expected to their surprise. “Matt, how can you do this? Do you know that you will cause both me and Daddy to worry?

He has just dropped everything he was doing to come and search for both of you.” “But, Mommy, we just wanted to help you.” When they heard what Sasha said, both of them pouted in guilt. Sasha was speechless. Forget it, I’d better not reprimand them now. It’s more important to find them first. Hence, after inquiring further and confirming that they were at a hotel near the airport, she hailed a cab to meet them. Despite coming as a shock, the boys action also touched her. She was moved by the fact that she had a place in their hearts for her and that they were constantly trying to protect and stand up for her.

Nevertheless, she was still shocked at how extreme their plan was. It was just too brazen and dangerous! Filled with anxiety, she finally arrived at the hotel the boys were staying in. “Little Ian, Matt…” The moment the door opened, Sasha exclaimed in delight when she saw the boys. However, Matteo who opened the door gave her the cold shoulder. After glancing at her with an aggrieved expression, he walked back into the room with a pout. Sasha didn’t know what to say. Turning to the side, she noticed her eldest son of her there. Despite not having the same expression as his brother, he also had nothing to say. “Little Ian?” Sasha suddenly felt guilty as she entered the room. Squatting in front of them, she apologized,

“I’m sorry, Little Ian, Matt, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have blamed both of you.” Ian pursed his lips. After a short while, he looked at Sasha and calmly replied, “It’s alright.” It was expected of someone who grew up with Sebastian. In both his actions and thoughts of him, he would act differently from Matteo, whereby he was calmer and would take the overall situation into consideration. After having her anxiety eased by half, she quickly held her son’s hand de ella before proceeding to mollify the other together. “Matt?” “Hmph!” He was still giving her the cold shoulder while grumpily looking out the window. Sasha was both annoyed and amused. Left without a choice, she had to deploy her trump card.

“Fine. I wanted to go home with both of you today but Matt is still angry with me. What am I to do now? Matt who was still sulking began to relent. Ian was also captivated by Sasha’s offer of her. Hence, he put on a rare but authoritative tone of an elder brother. “You cannot be angry at Mommy. It’s wrong to do so.” Ian actually used a long sentence to admonish his brother from him. After being censored by his brother and tempted by his mommy … Matteo finally turned around. “Didn’t you say we shouldn’t have done it? Why do you still want to take us home?” “Those are two separate matters. Given how much my two sweeties love me, how can I not take both of you home?” Sasha hugged Matteo while gently coaxing him. On the way to meeting them, she did think of doing that. Although they had demonstrated their love for her in the wrong way,

she still decided to take them home with her. Despite her methods, she could n’t deny whatever they did was well-intended. Having heard her words from her, Matteo finally broke into a smile. “Ian, look, Mommy has agreed to take us back to Clear.” Matteo looked at his brother happily. Ian glanced at Sasha and didn’t say a word. After a while, Sasha finally clarified, “Sweetie, you have misunderstood. I’m not taking you back to Clear, we are just going back to the house that we rented.” “Que!” Matteo was shocked. Seeing his reaction to him, Sasha quickly explained. “Because we can’t do that, Matt.

Although Daddy is in the wrong, he is still your daddy. He cares a lot about you and loves you. If we disappeared just like that, he will be very worried and sad. Furthermore, it would be very irresponsible of us to do something like that.” Sasha tried to explain to her son de ella as clearly as possible. Just as she finished, both boys were stunned. Mommy actually thought that way? Both of them didn’t expect Sasha to act that way after going through such humiliation. Even if Sebastian were there, he wouldn’t have expected it too.

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