The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 129

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 129

When Sasha noticed the drastic change in Sebastian’s expression, she finally stopped munching on her chips. “What’s wrong with you? Are you alright?” After a while, Sebastian was in so much pain that he felt his stomach churn. Standing there with a pale expression, he quipped, “Move over a little.” Sasha was dumbfounded. Looking at him in disbelief, she moved over despite some slight hesitation. Finally, the moment she made some space, Sebastian sat down beside her. When she felt him emitting a mix of frostiness and masculinity, she couldn’t help but freeze. Does he really not mind? Amidst her daze,

Sebastian, who had sat down with his eyes closed, barked impatiently, “Have you not seen enough? Go pour me a glass of water.” Sasha was stunned on the spot. She was amazed at how Sebastian knew she was looking at him with his eyes still closed. “Okay.” As her face de ella began to flush red, she quickly put down the chips in her hand and poured a glass of water for Sebastian. A few minutes later, soothed by the warm water and the electric heater, Sebastian’s gloomy expression finally eased. Noticing the change, Sasha asked with a slight hesitation, “

Why don’t you let them sleep through the night. It’s already four and almost daylight. Besides, you look exhausted yourself.” A razor-sharp gaze shot toward her, sending a shiver down her spine. Averting her gaze from her knowingly, Sasha did n’t utter another word. in truth, after spending more time with him, she had a better grasp of his temperament. He was a typical chauvinistic male who refused to admit his mistakes. Therefore, she realized it was better for her not to criticize him nor decide anything for him. Sasha wondered if she should help the children change first so that they wouldn’t catch a cold when they were brought out later. “Is there anything to eat?” “Huh?” When she heard the sudden question, Ella Sasha thought she had heard wrongly and immediately looked at him. After a long pause, she finally asked, “Wh-what do you want to have?” “

Anything will do!” Sebastian snapped. By then, he was already in great discomfort as he had not eaten anything for almost the whole day. The discomfort in him was further exacerbated by the freezing cold weather and the migraine that bugged him constantly. Therefore, feeling exasperated, he didn’t feel like saying another word. After looking at him, Sasha finally got up. Given that it was the middle of the night and cooking would have taken too long, Sasha thought about the leftover spaghetti the moment she entered the kitchen. After ten minutes, Sebastian, who was leaning against the sofa with his eyes closed, caught a whiff of a tantalizing aroma.

“There’s nothing else to eat at this ungodly hour other than this spaghetti. The kids and I had it for dinner. So you will have to make do with it.” Sasha brought out the spaghetti and placed it in front of Sebastian. Although it was left over, it still looked like it was prepared with care. After all, there was even an egg fried sunny-side up and some herbs sprinkled on top as garnishing, whetting one’s appetite. Sebastian then picked up the fork beside it. Sasha was shaken by his action from him.

She realized this was the first time he ate her cooking her. Although he had tried her calzone when they were at Frontier Bay, it was still prepared by both Wendy and herself. But now, the entire plate of spaghetti was in essence the first time she cooked for him. Lowering her head, Sasha fiddled her hair and pretended not to give the matter any thought. Slurp… A faint slurp was heard. Sebastian who had exemplary table manners hardly made a sound when he ate. Nevertheless, it still felt like a sharp shrill in Sasha’s ears. At that moment, she slowed what she was doing and held her breath, waiting for him to slam the fork down or push the plate away. The reason was that he was someone used to haute cuisine.

Therefore, a simple plate of spaghetti would definitely not satisfy him. Sitting there, she was surprised to not hear anything from him. When she turned to check, she saw him looking at her phone. Sasha didn’t know what to make of it. Forget it, I’ll just let him be. Ignoring what was going on, Sasha began to relax slightly in the comfort of the sofa. Before she knew it, she had already fallen asleep. After all, she was exhausted from staying up the whole night.

Finally, Sebastian cleared the plate and found the food better than expected. However, when he wanted to ask Sasha to bring out the children, he realized that she was already asleep beside him. I have checked the message on his phone:  Mr. Hayes? To which he replied:  I know. I’m coming down. As his men were prepared, he decided to carry the children himself. However, the moment he got up, Sasha seemed to be able to feel the warmth besides her leave her, causing her to curl into a ball. Sebastian stopped in his tracks abruptly.

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