The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 130

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 130

If I ignore her, wouldn’t she freeze to death here? Frowning, I have finally decided to carry her. “Hmm…” In her sleep, Sasha was no longer her feisty self. Snuggled up in her arms, she was both quiet and submissive, just like an obedient little kitten. In fact, when he was carrying her, she seemed to be able to feel the warmth from her body and rubbed her head unconsciously against her chest, as if she was clamoring for his attention from her. Sebastian froze in response as he did not want to admit that somehow his heart was stirred by it. Damn this woman! Why am I feeling this way?

Am I not supposed to feel angry? Given how big of a prank she pulled today? He averted his gaze from her and carried her into the bedroom. Click! The moment the light was turned on, all he saw was a dilapidated room with mottled walls and broken furniture. The surroundings simply looked miserable. Has she been raising the two children all these years under such circumstances? His gaze softened as he recalled that five years ago, she was still a daughter of a rich family and didn’t know how to do anything for herself. Five years later, she had learned how to be independent.

Sebastian carried her to the bed and wanted to leave after putting her down. However, as if she was unwilling to lose the warmth he provided from her when he let go of his hands from her, she wrapped her arms around his neck from her instead. “Be good, sweetie. Let Mommy hug you for a while longer.” While she murmured in her sleep, she pulled him toward her chest of her. Sebastian’s eyes widened in surprise. Before he could react, he stumbled forward and fell onto the bed together with her. Sasha’s soft lips somehow met with his with extreme precision. With that, they kissed, giving Sebastian a shock. Does she do this when she coaxes the children? Does she think I’m one of them now? This is ridiculous! Sebastian wanted to express his anger, but the soft and moist sensation of her lips felt like a paralyzing poison to him. After getting a taste of it, his mind simply went blank. As his heart started to race, he felt as if an electric shock permeated throughout his brain.

The next second, his breathing from him grew heavier. “Sasha, take a look at who I am,” he asked as his eyes darkened. Suddenly, he grew a little irritated and stared at her while she was sleeping. Sasha furrowed her eyebrows in response. As if she could feel her growing anger in her sleep, she mumbled helplessly, “Alright now, do not be angry. Be a good boy.” Her soft and tender lips from her leaned into him and gave him another kiss. Sebastian was shaken as blood rushed toward his head. When he saw that she wanted to leave after kissing him, he forcefully pulled her in and hugged her tightly by her slender waist. He then squeezed her. “It hurts…” Suddenly, Sasha could feel the pain from her lips and her waist.

As her long eyelashes began to flutter, she opened her eyes. The moment she opened them, she saw her features right smack in front of her face with their lips locked tightly together. Feeling a buzz in her head, all the drowsiness she previously felt disappeared. Good heavens! What the hell happened?  How did we end up like this? Have I been hugging him instead of the children? As her eyes widened in shock, she almost fainted on the spot. “Are you awake now? Do you still want to kiss me?” When he saw that she had regained her senses, he finally snapped in his raspy voice while still holding her tightly. Sasha’s eyes darted around anxiously. “I… I didn’t know it was you. I thought… it was my son… ”

Panicking, the only thought in her mind of her was to push him away and flee. However, the moment she moved, she felt his hand wrapped around her tighten her. “Are?” Sebastian lifted her chin with his fingers from her, forcing her to look into his eyes from her. Despite his husky and sexy tone, his voice was still laced with a tinge of danger, just like a wolf eyeing its prey. Sasha didn’t dare make another move as she stared at Sebastian with her face flushed red. Is he not avoiding me? Doesn’t he hate me? She continued to gawk at him.

They were in such close proximity that a minute movement would cause their lips to brush against each other. Buzz… Buzz! Buzz! Luckily, Sebastian’s phone suddenly vibrated, easing the tension of the moment. As if he was suddenly jolted awake, Sebastian loosened his grip on Sasha’s waist from her, throwing her onto the bed before he quickly stood up. Sasha’s body of her rolled into her blanket of her.

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