The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 131

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 131

After such a massive scare and too tired to bother about anything else, Sasha quickly covered her head with her blanket. This is crazy! What have I done! Buried underneath her blanket, Sasha was both blushing and in a panic. She felt as if all her energy from her had been sucked from her to the extent her fingertips from her were trembling. Lowering his gaze at the bundle in front of him, he was intrigued by her reaction to her. However, he didn’t say anything further and left awkwardly. The next day. When the children woke up, they were surprised to see that Sasha was still asleep.

Therefore, she didn’t prepare their breakfast, and neither did she turn on their heater for them. Strange, what happened to Mommy? Was she exhausted from yesterday? Matteo woke up and got himself changed. “I’ll go check on her. Both of you should wait here.” After that, I am out of the room. As expected, when he pushed open the door of the room next door, he saw Sasha sleeping soundly with her blanket over her head. It was rare for her to be oversleeping. “Mommy still isn’t up yet.” For some reason, Ian had also come out to check. He was still in his pajamas and walked barefoot on the freezing cold floor as he followed his brother from him. Matteo turned around at once. “Why are you up? Why aren’t you wearing your jacket and socks? You will fall sick easily this way. Quick, go back to your room. Concerned about Ian, Matteo quickly dragged him back to the room. He knew it was something he to be mindful of. After all, Ian had lived in a life of luxury where everything was done for him. Unlike

Matteo, who had learned how to be independent at a young age growing up with his mommy. Therefore, he returned to their room and helped Ian dress properly. Looking at how Matteo was helping him, Ian swore to himself that he would quickly learn how to be independent when he got home. Once they got dressed, the brothers came out of the room. Meanwhile, Vivian was still asleep inside. “Mommy must be exhausted after taking us out for the whole day yesterday. Why don’t we go downstairs and buy breakfast instead, so that Mommy doesn’t need to prepare any? This way, we can let her sleep in. How about that? “Mmm-hmm.” Ian agreed. After taking some money, both of them walked out hand in hand.

The place they stayed was in a good locality. The moment they came down, they were already in Old Town where they could find anything they wanted. This was the reason why Sasha chose this place as their home. Matteo led Ian to a shop selling breakfast. “Ian, what do you want to eat?” Ian stared at the dirty floor. He had never been in such an environment before let alone visit a shop like that. Growing up pampered, it was understandable for him to feel unsettled. Sigh! Matteo sighed before entering the shop himself. “Mr. Jacob, give me three raisin buns, a croissant, and some milk please.”

“Sure, Matt. I see you’re here alone today. Where’s your mommy and your sister? All the shop owners nearby knew who Matteo was. Whenever they saw this cute kid buying breakfast, they would happily chat with him while serving him food. Matteo would usually respond with some small talk. A few minutes later, their hands were filled with a large number of items when they left the shop. “Let’s head back.” “Alright.” Ian agreed. At that moment, a black MPV suddenly drove in from the end of the street. When the driver saw the brothers, he slammed on the accelerator and headed toward them. “Mr. Scott?” Ian’s sharp eyes recognized the vehicle immediately. He was right,

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