The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 134

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 134

The Tattoo. The book was famous on the internet then. It was about the relationship between a young boy with a serious psychological condition and a girl who found out about his secret from him. The plot was nothing particularly extraordinary. However, due to the author’s exquisite style and the strong emotions carried by the female character, the story went rival when it was published online. The author was instantly famous for a while. Unfortunately, she suddenly disappeared from the eyes of the public. After opening the file and reading through her work which she painstakingly completed, she could not help but feel her nose burn. Whatever. For Vivian’s school fees, it’s definitely worth it .

Finally, Sasha logged into her publishing website account that she left dormant for five years and located an old contact. She typed:  Hi, I’m back. I’ve decided to sell the rights to my book if you’re still interested. After she sent the message, she waited because she wasn’t sure if the person was still around given that five years had passed. Meanwhile, in the city center at Hayes Corporation. Luke had spent the whole morning investigating Solomon’s background on her. “Mr. Hayes, I’ve completed my investigations. That man is indeed the chief legal officer. However, he had another identity and is actually the second-largest shareholder of the same company.” He then placed all the documents on Sebastian’s table. Sebastian raised an eyebrow. “

The second-largest shareholder?” “That’s right. There are five shareholders in that company. The second-largest shareholder has always been a mysterious presence and never revealed himself. Little did I expect that it actually Solomon George.” Luke pointed to the documents on the table. It was indeed an unexpected revelation. No one expected a humble-looking lawyer to be the second-largest shareholder of that company. Prime Cloud Corporation, was currently one of the fastest-growing companies around. Flicking through the documents, Sebastian’s expression darkened. It wasn’t because Solomon was the second-largest shareholder. Instead, he saw something else. “Is he also based on Clear?

” “Correct. But he is from here. After he graduated, he went to Erihal to further his studies. Five years ago, he went to Clear and worked as the chief legal officer for Prime Cloud Corporation.” “What a coincidence?” Sebastian remarked in a snide tone. No matter how one looked at it, Luke realized that the timing was indeed too much of a coincidence. Furthermore, his office was close by to Clear Hospital. “Continue your investigations. There definitely must be more than meets the eye.” Sebastian threw the documents back at Luke. Someone as cold as he was usually had sharp insight. Picking up the documents, Luke prepared to leave. “Mr. Scott. The hospital just called a moment ago. They said the doctor that Mr. Hayes was looking for has submitted her resume.” “What doctor?” “Dr. Nancy from Clear.” F*ck!

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