The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 135

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 135

His boss sat before him, glaring angrily at the resume on his computer screen. “Oh, before I forget, I need to tell you that one of Solomon’s friends had just opened a clinic. They’re putting out job offerings for doctors right now,” Luke said. The tension in the air mounted the moment those words left his lips from him. “Are you threatening me?” “N-No! I just think that it’s unreasonable for you to charge them a million for the fees… “ “Get out!” A pen flew over and hit Luke squarely on his nose. The stinging pain made Luke purse his lips and scurry out of the office with his hands over his face.
Am I living under a dictatorship or something?

Meanwhile, Sasha finally received a reply from the editor.

Isn’t that book already published? They’re going to make it into a TV drama soon. Why are you only asking me about it now?

Sasha stared at the words on the screen in confusion.

huh? It’s already published?

How could this be? The manuscript is right here! How could it be published already?

They’re making it into a TV drama already? That editor must have been joking!

She grimaced and replied: Are you sure? I was the author of ‘The Tattoo’, Iris!

The editor replied in just seconds this time. Yeah, isn’t it called ‘The Tattoo On My Heart’?

Attached to the message was a picture of the book, and it made Sasha’s eyes widen in shock.

F*ck!Sasha was stunned beyond belief!

How could this be?

How could my manuscript be published without my knowledge?

She put her head in her hands as a million thoughts ran through her mind, and her phone happened to ring at that very moment. She picked up her phone and answered the call. “Hello?” “Is this Dr. Nancy?” “And it is. And you are?” “Oh, greetings, Dr. Nancy! We’re from the City Hospital, and we’ve taken a look at your resume. You seem like a good match, so we’re pleased to invite you for an interview.” “Huh?”


Sasha shook her head and recalled the fact that she had sent her resume to the City Hospital. “When are you free for the interview, Dr. Nancy? Our head is willing to conduct the interview personally.” Sasha grinned. This came just at the right time! Looks like God has other plans for me!

She was not particularly interested in the job, but she decided to take it up anyway for the sake of her daughter. She needed money desperately, and the issue with the book would have to wait. That afternoon, Sasha made her way to City Hospital for the interview and secured a position as the director of internal medicine department. They even gave her an advance of half a year’s worth of pay, which amounted to exactly six hundred thousand. Sasha smirked as she checked her bank account balance on her phone. Now he has no reason to kick my daughter out of her preschool!

The first thing she did upon receiving the money was to call Sebastian. “Hello?” “Give me your bank account number. I’ll return you the money now,” she said with much confidence. Sebastian was silent for a moment as he glanced at the executives seated around the table in the meeting room they were in. Without warning, he stood up and left the meeting room without another word. The executives could only watch in confusion as the door closed behind him. They were all wondering why the President would be distracted by a random call in the middle of a meeting.

Two minutes later, the man sank into the sofa in the President’s office with a satisfied smirk on his face. He put his phone on speaker mode as he strode over to the coffee machine lazily. “That’s pretty fast of you. Who did you borrow the money from this time?” “I didn’t don’t borrow from anyone! I earned it on my own! By the way, I’m the director of City Hospital’s internal medicine department now! My annual salary is one million!” she boasted. She had indeed gone through a lot to reach that height, considering how she had stepped into society with nothing but a high school diploma. That was something not everyone could accomplish, and Sebastian could not help but nod in approval.

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