The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 136

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 136

“Hm, not bad. Are you going to give me all of that?” “No way! I can only get an advance for six months! I need money to live too, don’t you know? Just give me your bank account number and I’ll transfer the fee for one semester to you first, ”Sasha said, her joy de ella from earlier disappearing into thin air. What the hell is he thinking? I can’t give him everything at once? He’d be better off rob the banks if he wants so much money at once! He’s such a sly business man! Luckily for her, that scumbag was feeling rather generous that day. He sent her his bank account number through text and said, “Oh, remember to pick up the kids later.” “Why aren’t you going?” she asked instinctively. Sebastian swirled the coffee around in his cup and grinned. “Aren’t you their mother?” “Aren’t you their father? Why don’t you go then!” “I’m busy!”

“As though I’m not!” Sasha retort. “Listen up, Sebastian. now that I have a job, we need to split up the work. I’ll pick them up on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and you’ll pick them up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That’s it. See you.” She hung up before he could say anything in protest. Seething with anger, Sebastian almost threw his cup of coffee onto the ground. Luke watched from far away with a wide grin on his face. That’s what you get for kicking up a fuss over a million when your net worth is already well over a hundred billion? Serve you right, Boss! Sasha was not lying when she said that she was busy. Just seconds after she ended the call, several doctors had already surrounded her in a tight circle. “Dr. Nancy! Are you the legendary doctor from Clear? I must be dreaming!” “Welcome to the internal medicine department, Dr. Nancy!

” “Do you mind if I consulted you on this patient’s condition, Dr. Nancy?” The doctors were excited to meet their idol of her, and none of them were going to leave her alone anytime soon. Sighing, she had no choice but to stay and talk to them. “Sure. I specialize in TCM, though. I’m not sure what I can bring to the table in terms of Western medicine.” “That’s alright! We’re badly in need of TCM practitioners in this hospital anyway.” “That’s right, Dr. Nancy! Many of our patients have actually requested TCM treatment, especially the older and the richer ones.” “Like the ones in the nursing home?” Someone whispered something about a nursing home in the crowd, and everyone fell silent immediately. Sasha glanced at the young nurse who said that. Nursing home? This hospital has a nursing home? She smiled at the nurse. “There’s a nursing home here? Does it belong to us?

Sasha had learned to be smart when talking to people after going through hell and back in the past five years. Hence, she addressed the hospital and its staff as ‘us’ reignited the enthusiasm amongst the crowd. “That’s right. Only the rich ones stay there.” “Yeah! By the way, the hospital promised to reward whoever cures them of their ailments handsomely!” Sasha’s ears perked up at the sound of that. She would be completely broke after transferring her savings from her and the salary the hospital gave her in advance, and nothing sounded more enticing than the promise of a reward. “Oh really? Can you bring me there tomorrow? “Sure, Dr. Nancy! I’m sure you’ll be able to help them!”

The doctors and nurses cheered in unison, and it brought a smile to Sasha’s face too. Two hours later, the time came to pick the kids up from school. Sebastian glanced at his watch from him and sighed as he got up from his desk and headed towards the carpark. “Are you going to pick up the kids from school, Mr. Hayes?” Luke asked as he walked into the office with a huge stack of documents in his arms. “And it is.” “Are you coming back later?”

Before the incident with Matteo, Sebastian never appeared at the preschool as four-thirty in the afternoon, it was too inconvenient a time for him to leave his office. Instead, he would send his bodyguards over to pick the kids up. However, ever since Matteo’s incident and their reconciliation, Sebastian realized that his children of him were not invulnerable to the sketchy plots of others. From then on, he took it upon himself to pick up the kids every day, even going as far as using fingerprint recognition to ensure that his kids were safe. “Yeah, I’ll be back soon,” Sebastian said, glancing at his watch again. Pick up the kids at four-thirty, get home by five-thirty, come back here by six… that stupid woman should be home by then! I have left the office soon after. He was already factoring in Sasha and the kids’ presence in his life whenever he made decisions, but his mind was too busy to realize that.

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