The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 137

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 137

When Sebastian arrived at the preschool, the teachers roaming outside the building started greeting him one by one. “Good afternoon, Mr. Hayes!” “Your kids are waiting inside, Mr. Hayes. I’ll go and get them.” After the previous incident, everyone at the preschool learned who Ian’s father was, and that was why everyone treated him with a kind of fearful respect. Sebastian simply glanced at the teachers and strode into the preschool without a word. “Daddy! Are you here to pick us up?” The moment he entered the building, two identical-looking boys strolled out of the room they had been in while holding hands. Beside them was a tiny girl with chubby, pink cheeks, and the sight of her made Sebastian frown.

The girl was really pretty, almost like a porcelain doll. In particular, her of her large of her, shiny eyes and dimples could make anyone fall for her immediately. However, Sebastian could not help but wonder if she had taken her after her father. Is that man really handsome ? Is that why she’s so attracted to him? Is that why this little rascal was born? What a disgusting woman! Sebastian felt as though something was stuck in his throat, making him more and more irritated as time passed.

“What’s wrong, Daddy? Let’s go!” Matteo said, tugging at his hand from him. Sebastian blinked and grabbed his two sons’ hands without hesitation. Confused, Matteo and Ian stared at each other while Vivian’s beautiful eyes turned red in an instant. He looks like Daddy does n’t like me… why is he only holding Ian and Matt’s hands? Vivi wants Mommy… Vivian pouted and looked around for her mother, and Matteo felt incredibly bad for her. He pulled his hand away from Sebastian’s and said, “Daddy, Vivi’s a girl. You need to hold her hand from her.” Sebastian glared at him. “What about both of you?” Vivian burst into tears on the spot, and Matteo almost jumped out of his skin in panic. He ran over and hugged Vivian tightly. “Don’t cry, Vivi! I’ll hold your hand!” Ian met Sebastian’s eyes with his angry gaze from him. “Daddy! You should hold Vivi’s hand!”

“You’re my son. I must hold you,” Sebastian replied coldly. She’s a girl! Ian insisted, his neck turning red from the effort. Sebastian fell silent, noticing how a curious crowd was forming around them. He grimaced and walked over to Vivian, stretching out his hand from her reluctantly. “Let’s go.” However, Vivian was not going to accept his hand so readily. She leaned against Matteo and sobbed, “Matt, why doesn’t Daddy like me?” “That’s not true, Vivi,” Matteo whispered. “Daddy doesn’t know you’re his kid! Let’s not get mad for Mommy’s sake, alright?” For Mommy’s sake… Vivian smiled the moment he said that. She followed them out in the end, but she refused to touch or even look at Sebastian even once. Half an hour later, at Royal Court One of Frontier Bay… “Alright, we’re here. Daddy’s still busy, so run along and go home,”

Sebastian said as he pulled into the carpark. He alighted from the car and walked over to the backseats, only to be met by a scowling Vivian. He tried to reach out and pick her up, only for her to flinch away and leap out of the car without even looking at him. Sebastian watched in disappointment as Vivian walked towards the villa while holding hands with Matteo. “Matt, when are we going home? Can you call Mommy and ask when she’s coming over?” she asked despite being within earshot of Sebastian. Sebastian sighed. Why can’t she just cooperate with me?

“Mommy will be here after work, Vivi,” Matteo answered. “Don’t worry!” “Okay…” Vivian said with tears in her eyes before walking into the villa, ignoring Sebastian completely. Sebastian grimaced in regret. The truth was, he had been watching the little girl in secret, and he noticed how she would toss him curious glances every so often despite being fearful of him. It was just like how a timid rabbit would peer at the big bad wolf from a bush. He could see the joy on her face whenever he made eye contact with her, as though being able to meet his eyes was the best thing that could ever happen to her. However, that did not seem to be the case any longer.

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