The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 138

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 138

Sebastian called Sasha after dropping the kids off at the villa to tell her to return immediately, and it made her panic for a moment. When she burst into the villa through the front door, Vivian immediately threw herself into her embrace of her with tears streaming down her face. “Mommy! Can we go home? I don’t want to stay here anymore… “ Vivian tugged on her sleeve and tried to drag her outside, as though she did not want to stay in the villa for a second longer. Sasha stared at her in confusion. What the hell happened here? I thought she loved this place! She moved her gaze to her two sons. “What happened to Vivi?” The two little boys exchanged looks in silence and looked down sheepishly. After a few seconds of silence, Ian spoke up first.

“It’s an issue with Daddy. Sorry, Mommy, I’ll talk to him.” He spoke very little as always, but it was enough for Sasha to understand what he meant. She looked at the sobbing girl in her embrace of her and almost winced at how pitiful she looked. It’s all my fault… Maybe I shouldn’t have been so selfish? She had the right to let her father know that they’re related… Why am I making her suffer like this? She picked up her daughter in her arms and wiped her tears away gently. “There, there, Vivi. Daddy doesn’t know that you’re one of his precious babies too. Mommy will tell Daddy about it soon, okay?” “Really?” Vivian asked, calming down immediately. Matteo and Ian stared at her in disbelief. “Mommy… are you sure you’re going to tell Daddy about it? What about you? “It’s fine. I’ll be happy as long as you’re happy,

”Sasha said, stroking her sons’ heads lovingly. Sebastian knows that Matteo and Ian are his sons and he’s fine with it. It’s not like he’s stopping me from seeing them… There’s no reason for me to keep the truth about Vivian from him! The kids cheered in unison, and Vivian’s smile was as bright as the sun. “Mommy, I’ll go and take a bath now and put on something pretty to meet Daddy later!” “Alright. Let’s go, darling.” “Yeah!” Matteo and Ian hopped after Sasha as she brought Vivian to the dressing room. Unfortunately for them, Sebastian was held up by a few urgent matters in the company, and he only returned at around eleven o’clock at night when the kids were already sound asleep. Sebastian walked up the stairs, only to notice that the light in the bedroom at the furthest end of the corridor was still on. When he approached it, the door flew open to reveal a very excited Sasha. “

You’re back?” The soft orange light from the room spilled into the pitch dark corridor, as though someone had set it on fire lighting the cold winter days. Sebastian froze as Sasha approached him slowly. “The kids were waiting for you, but you came back pretty late… they’re asleep now,” Sasha stammered nervously. She was well prepared for this moment, but her hands of her still turned clammy the moment he appeared before her. Should I tell him? Should I tell him now? I’ve already made my promise… I should just do it! As she debated with herself, she could feel her heart thumping against her chest wildly.

Sebastian stared at her in confusion. He was used to living in constant solitude and silence, even after his sons de el came to live with him. The last thing he expected was to see someone leaving the light on for him when he got home. His usual coldness left him in an instant, and all that was left in his gaze was a tenderness that was never seen before. “I got held up by some urgent matters at the office. Tell them not to wait for me next time.” “Alright… and you…” “And you too.” Sasha froze, unable to believe what she had just heard. Realization hit her like a truck the very next second, and she could only stare at him with her mouth agape, her prepared speech long forgotten.

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