The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 143

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 143

“Frederick, you have misunderstood. I didn’t mean that. I’m just a little surprised that he didn’t tell you about it. But it’s fine. It’s the same now that we saw it. Have some tea.” Smilingly, Sasha served a cup of freshly brewed tea for the old man like nothing happened. Frederick was a little startled. Is she really alright? Did I misread her looks just now? He wanted to find clues from her expression. However, it seemed like she was fine when she was calmly serving him the brewed tea. Well, I guess that’s for the best. He finally stopped wondering about it. When he took over the tea, he asked in a more relaxed tone,

“Alright. Since you came back, when are you planning to go home?” He still regarded Hayes Residence as her home. Sasha lowered her gaze at the mists forming out of the teapot and smiled. “Maybe in two days. I’m thinking of bringing your grandson over.” “Grandson?” The old man was suddenly excited. “You mean…” “Yes, we both survived. He hasn’t met you yet, but I believe he would be thrilled to see you.” Sasha looked at her father smilingly and spoke with a calm tone as if she was talking about everyday life. How is it common to suddenly have another grandson? Frederick was astonished.

His hands were trembling slightly, and he teared up at once. He tried to say something but only ended up with trembling lips. I have another grandson… Sasha only looked at him quietly. After a while, she felt that it was time for her to go, so she put down the teacup she was holding. “Frederick, if there is nothing else, I’m leaving now.” “Huh? Where are you going?” “I found a job at the hospital, and I still have to get back to work. Don’t worry. I’ll bring the kid over as soon as possible.” Sasha stood up and reassured him. Then, he only felt relieved. Sasha left the nursing home. A few minutes later, Luke finally got a phone call after waiting anxiously at Hayes Corporation. “Mr. Scott, Ms. Wand has left.” “She-she left?”

Luke’s words stuck at his throat. “Did she say anything or act weirdly?” “No, she only remained calm. She did appear to be panicking and shocked when she saw Old Mr. Hayes, but she looked fine after they entered the room,” reported the bodyguard. Nothing happened? Luke couldn’t quite believe it. However, despite his further questions, the bodyguard affirmed that Sasha did not show any abnormalities and even told him that she went back to work as usual. Could it be that we took this matter too seriously? Although he hesitated, Luke still went to his boss’ office in the end. “Mr. Hayes, I was told that she has left, and she seemed to be fine. So everything went well.” Sebastian didn’t respond.

He had been waiting for a long time in his bright and clean office. He was still seated in front of his large office desk, and he looked like he was going through the files with his slender fingers. Still, the atmosphere felt rather intense. Moreover, there was an occasional crackling of fire sparks. It was from a lit cigarette that was not smoked at that time, but a couple of cigarette butts could be found in the ashtray. Chills ran down Luke’s spine when he saw this. “What do you mean?” “I-I mean, Ms. Wand wasn’t angered, but she-she seemed to react indifferently toward this matter.”

Trembling, Luke explained quietly. Hearing that, the man abruptly closed the file and took a deep breath subconsciously. What a relief! However, he got confused the next second. “Why did she react indifferently?” “Huh?” Luke felt exasperated by the man’s question. What do you mean why? Do you want her to go crazy instead? Is this guy masochistic? “But, Mr. Hayes, isn’t it better for her to stay calm instead? Nothing will happen that way.” “What do you know? That means she doesn’t care!” “Yeah, she doesn’t,” added Luke simply. Then, he realized that there was dead silence in the office, and it was more frightening than before. Good grief! What is wrong with this guy? Luke felt that his boss was becoming more unpredictable like a woman in menopause.

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