The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 144

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 144

Fortunately, things died down when the hospital brought news that Sasha continued working as usual, and there was nothing to worry about anymore. Hence, the president resumed his work. Two hours later, preschool was about to end. Before meeting a client, Sebastian told Luke that it was Sasha’s turn to pick the kids up. Thus, Luke called her to remind her about it. “Ma’am, can you pick the kids up today, please? Mr. Hayes is meeting a client.” “Alright, I’m on my way,” she agreed faintly. He smiled in relief after hearing her calm tone. After chatting for a bit, he hung up and got back to work. Since it’s the mother who’s picking the kids up, there’s nothing for me to worry about. Yet that night, Sebastian didn’t see his children as expected even after getting off work, let alone the woman. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t they back yet?”

“Huh? Didn’t Ms. Wand call you about the children staying the night with her? Didn’t you know about it, Mr. Hayes?” The confused Wendy hurriedly explained the situation. Did she? Sebastian took out his phone, but neither did he see any missed calls nor a single text message. Then, why did she say that? What is she up to? The man was finally angered. Since it was already late and cold outside, he immediately dialed Sasha’s number with a solemn expression. “The number you have dialed is unavailable.” The robotic voice traveled through the phone. Beep! What? He stared at his cell phone in unbelief and immediately redialed the number. But what made him blow his top was the same recorded message from the phone.

This woman must have a death wish! He finally lost his patience. Hanging up fiercely, he grabbed his keys and headed out again in a murderous manner. “Mr. Hayes? Where are you going, sir?” “I’m going to kill her!” Amidst the cold night, the voice of the man gnashing his teeth in the dark actually sounded a little funny. He looked like an entirely different person from the one working in the company. During the day, he had a frosty attitude, and he would control himself even though he was scolding someone. But now, he had utterly lost his temper, especially when he said the word “kill” through gritted teeth.

Wendy leaned against the door and sighed, “These two…” — Sebastian drove speedily because he was angry and worried about the children. It only took him less than thirty minutes to reach Old Town from Frontier Bay. Soon, he found the building that Sasha was staying in. However, he realized that it was pitch black upstairs when he arrived. Are they asleep? After he got out of the car and slammed the door shut, he became puzzled. Nevertheless, he was a pragmatic person. Since he already got here, he ignored his thoughts and strode upstairs. A few minutes later, he reached the familiar entrance of the rental house. “Sasha…” “Young man, who are you looking for? The family has moved away. Don’t come here anymore.”

A lady coincidentally came down from upstairs. When she saw Sebastian standing in the dark and knocking on the door, she raised her flashlight at him and reminded him. Sebastian was shocked. “Moved away? How is this possible?” The lady replied, “Why not? I just helped with her suitcase this evening. Everyone knows about her and her three children. So why do I have to lie to you?” Sebastian fell silent. After hearing that, the man who rushed there in the dark only stared at the door lock quietly with his ears ringing. She’s right. If someone is in there, why is this old-fashioned lock hanging outside?

So the reason why this woman didn’t answer was that she ran away with my two children? The tall figure was flummoxed and thunderstruck. His pupils constricted, and he went berserk. The next second, he furiously kicked open the door with a loud bang! Sure enough, it was empty. When he came over the other night, there were still many objects inside, such as the small electric stove, the small but neat couch, and the tiny table he used to eat noodles with… Now, everything was gone just like that, and the house was deserted and lifeless only in a few hours. After only a few hours, the house was deserted and lifeless. His eyes slowly turned bloodshot in a fury. “Sasha Wand!”

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