The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 145

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 145

When Luke had received the phone call, he had just taken a shower and got into bed. After hearing the news, he abruptly sat up in shock. “Are you kidding? Ms. Wand ran away with the children? How is this possible?” “Do you think I’m kidding right now, Mr. Scott? Hurry up and find them at the airports, stations, piers, everywhere. Just look carefully for every place that departs from Avenport! Mr. Hayes is going nuts!” A bodyguard called Luke and told him about everything that had happened. Luke was dumbstruck. Did she really run away? Good grief, what is that crazy woman doing? Does she have to be so dramatic?

He didn’t dare to stay in bed anymore and immediately got off his bed to work. However, what disappointed them the most that night was that they couldn’t find Sasha and the children, notwithstanding all hands on deck from Hayes Corporation. Despite searching at the airports, harbors, train stations, and even the highways, there was no trace of the missing mother and her children. Furthermore, the people who searched within the city couldn’t find them either. Why? Did she just vanish into thin air? In the meantime, Sebastian was waiting at the Blackwood family.

After waiting until midnight and still no news of them, he got up and immediately strangled Jackson. “I will give you three more seconds. If you don’t tell me where they are, I will kill you right now!” He glared at Jackson murderously. If Jackson still didn’t speak up at that point, he would definitely be strangled to death. Regardless of that, Jackson was fearless before Sebastian’s threats and scolded instead, “Kill me if you can! Let me tell you something, Sebastian. Even if I knew where she’s at right now, I wouldn’t tell you either, you bas*ard!” Crack! “Stop it!” Luckily, Sharon was there, and she rushed over to stop Sebastian instantly. “Sebastian, please calm down first. We know nothing about her disappearance nor your history with her!

Ever since she was injured and stayed with you, she sounded cheery whenever she contacted us. How would we know that she would suddenly take off with the kids?” Sebastian fell silent, and his pursed lips became paler. Sharon continued, “Tell us what’s going on between you two so that we can look at it together. What do you think?” She tried to let him explain the cause of this incident. Sebastian sneered silently. Hmph! Do you think I would tell you? Never! Besides, I already knew the reason behind all these. It was because of what happened this afternoon! At first, I thought she wasn’t mad, but she was actually pretending to be okay before delivering the fatal blow. What a ruthless woman! She completely disappeared in only a few hours, and I couldn’t find her even if I searched through the entire city. So what is this?

She actually vanished into thin air and would never return? At that moment, when he remembered what happened five years ago, he was deep in his thoughts. I’ve been through a lot all these years, but I’ve never felt this powerless before. This is driving me crazy! I can’t even fight it! “Sebastian?” Sebastian was lost in thought. “Mr. Hayes, I might have an idea of where she went.” Suddenly, someone entered at that moment. When Sharon turned to look, her expression changed drastically. “Xenia? Why are you here? Who asked you to come?” It was Xenia Blackwood, their daughter. Nonetheless, Xenia ignored her mother and walked directly toward Sebastian. “Mr. Hayes, my cousin was not an ordinary lady. When she faked her death that year,

she managed to pay off my mother’s massive amount of debt. She’s incredible.” “Xenia, what on earth are you blathering about? Shut up right now!” “Am I wrong? Didn’t she give you a lot of money back then? Don’t worry. I won’t reveal her sponsor’s name. I only want Mr. Hayes to find his son. After all, it’s his blood, and he couldn’t be with other…” Smack! Without waiting for her to finish, the enraged Sharon stood up and slapped her daughter fiercely. She is an embarrassment to the Blackwood family! The chaotic living room became quiet once more. But this time, because of Sharon’s words, the atmosphere grew more dangerous with every kind of terror, and even looking at it felt horrifying. “Sebastian, don’t listen to her. She’s just a girl, and…” “Go on!”

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