The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 146

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 146

What a terrifying voice! He didn’t look too angry, but there was a sinister look of impending danger in his eyes as if he was a devil from hell. Xenia could not help trembling at that. “We-we didn’t know how she got that five million for us in one night when she went overseas, and she was still with two children…” Ouch! After hearing this, Sebastian was stabbed in the heart when he least expected it to happen. His growing hatred and disgust made him tore off the armrest of the chair beside him on the spot! “Aahhhhh—!” Xenia screamed with horror at the scene.

She immediately hugged herself tightly and squatted on the floor. This is way too horrifying! Sharon was also shocked and scared. She quickly rushed over to protect his husband. When she wanted to persuade Sebastian, the man suddenly laughed. Sponsor? Five million? Great, just great. I thought how high and mighty she was, but she doesn’t even have a million and had to work at the hospital and withdraw half a year’s salary in advance. So she lied to me and had sold herself off to another man even with two children with her? Sasha, what a b*tch you are! The man went nuts. He shot a murderous look, loosened his grip on Jackson, and left. “Sebastian, where are you going? Don’t be reckless! Xenia was just talking nonsense…

” Sasha immediately ran after him and tried to stop him. Nevertheless, the man left speedily. When she reached the entrance, she had already seen him getting in his car and disappeared from her sight in no time. Sharon was left speechless. Xenia saw it too, and she stood up and jeered, “Mom, don’t waste your energy. Sasha deserved it all along. She should’ve learned her lesson long ago.” When Sharon heard it, she smacked her again. “Do you think you could snatch away her position if you got rid of her? Let me tell you this. Sebastian wouldn’t even want you if every woman in the world died!” No one would’ve imagined that Sharon would rub this in her daughter’s face, and Xenia was extremely dumbstruck.

As if someone rubbed salt in her wounds, her face turned pale instantly. “What did you say? You’d better shut your mouth, Sharon Goldstein!” She screamed angrily in embarrassment and wanted to cover her mother’s mouth at once. That was my secret that I’ve hidden for almost twenty years! Heaven knows it was exposed by my idiotic mother just now… Sasha could leave Avenport without a trace was because of someone’s help indeed. However, this person was not her sponsor, let alone the twisted relationship that Jackson assumed. They were merely business partners. “

Ms. Nancy! I didn’t expect you to call me first! How’s it going? Did you have a pleasant flight?” As soon as the helicopter landed on the Erihalian territory, the tall and handsome blond man walked over and welcomed her with open arms when he saw her. She smiled and received his hug without resisting it. “It was lovely. Thank you so much, Mr. Leonard.” “You don’t have to thank me. It’s my honor to serve you, Ms. Nancy. But since when do you have another child?”

He suddenly looked at the children behind her. Ian, who hadn’t spoken since getting on the helicopter, suddenly frowned when he saw the man staring at him because he hated this man. “No, Mr. Leonard. This is my brother, Ian. I have another brother now!” Vivian suddenly spoke. When she saw Raymond asking about Ian, she replied while enjoying her fried chicken drumsticks. Raymond was charmed by the adorable little girl. He already knew Vivian and Matteo.

When he was in Clear, he went to visit Sasha and even brought them gifts. When he heard that Ian was Vivian’s new brother, the blond man walked toward her. “Oh, really? Vivi has another brother now?” Vivian nodded. “Yeah, Daddy hid him away. He was born together with us.” Raymond was dumbfounded. Daddy? He carried the girl in his arms and looked at Sasha. “Ms. Nancy, didn’t you say that he was dead?” Sasha became awkward. “…It was fake. Erm, let’s not talk about it now. The kids didn’t sleep well nor eat anything last night. Shall we go to the hotel first?” She changed the topic.

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