The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 148

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 148

Of course!” Sasha squatted in front of her son and took his cold hands into hers to warm them. Ian finally felt better. But he still had questions in his head. Is Mommy never going to let me see Daddy again? Are we not going home ever? In the end, he kept them to himself. I know that Daddy made a big mistake this time. Matteo even said that Mommy slapped herself after seeing Grandpa. Who could easily forgive something like that? Ian’s beautiful eyes were again shrouded in sadness… — That night, Raymond specially held a grand welcome dinner for them to celebrate their arrival.

“Mr. Leonard, I’m feeling embarrassed that my children and I are giving you trouble. You really don’t have to do all this for us.” She felt terrible about the luxurious treatment. Raymond smiled. “Nancy, you deserve my everything. It’s only dinner! I can give you more in the future.” This man sure is straightforward! Sasha blushed and fell quiet. After changing into the dress that he had thoughtfully prepared for her, she carefully put on some makeup and went to the banquet hall. “Good heavens! Who is this? She’s gorgeous!” “Yeah, she really is charming! Is this your new girlfriend, Mr. Leonard?”

As soon as Sasha appeared, everyone in the magnificent-looking banquet hall was amazed by her beauty. She immediately became the center of attention and had attracted their gazes. Sasha was a beautiful woman indeed. She wore an haute couture white gown, which showed off her slender figure and graceful curves. Her long hair was carefully braided into a bun by the hairstylist, revealing her beautiful nape. Most of all, her looks were heart-stopping. What a gorgeous lady. Sasha felt bashful when everyone else was gaping at her in awe. “Hello, everyone. My name is Nancy.

I am a friend of Mr. Leonard.” “Nancy? So you’re Nancy!” “Oh my!” Unexpectedly, when her identity was revealed, everyone became more excited than before and looked at her even more excitedly. Sasha was perplexed. What’s going on…? She looked at the tall, blond man beside her with a puzzled expression. Raymond smiled delightfully. “You see? All my friends know you, and they have heard your name many times, my beautiful Ms. Nancy.” He didn’t hide his smugness at all. Sasha blushed even more fiercely. — Sebastian received a photo that showed that exact scene. The woman who had never shown him her beauty before looked elegant and graceful like a fairy with fair skin. At that moment, a voice called from the blond man’s direction. “Sasha Wand!”

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