The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 149

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 149

“Mr. Hayes, they are there!” Luke was very excited as soon as he saw them. Wow, Sasha blew my mind. I’d never expected this woman to be this capable of escaping with the children without getting caught by the top businessman in Astoria. If it weren’t for her idiotic cousin who snitched, I don’t think we can ever find her. Yet, the snitch astonished me once more. We would’ve never expected that the person behind the scenes was actually a powerful family from Yartran.

This woman sure is amazing. “Are we going in now, Mr. Hayes?” Luke asked timidly when he saw Sebastian’s murderous expression from the rearview mirror. He looks like he’s about to kill someone, and that woman still dares to put on a lovey-dovey show in front of him with another man and Mr. Hayes’s children! I can’t look at this anymore. “Wait here!” “Huh?” Before Luke could react, Sebastian had already got off, slammed the car door, and was nowhere to be seen.

Gosh! He’s furious! This doesn’t look good. Should I get a few more bodyguards here? What if they started fighting? Can Mr. Hayes handle Mr. Leonard’s men? — Meanwhile, Sasha was chatting with Raymond’s friends in the manor. Her stunning appearance had caused many misunderstandings that she was Raymond’s girlfriend, so now she had to clarify their relationship. “Ms. Nancy, are you two not in a relationship?” “No, we’re not,” explained Sasha smilingly while pouring wine.

Raymond suddenly came over. “Why not? Nancy, I’ve always liked you. Can you give me a chance, please?” His sudden confession shocked Sasha. “Raymond, wh-what are you talking about? You know that I…” “Don’t worry, Nancy. I don’t mind your background and I will love your children like my own.” Then, he put down his wine glass, went on his knee, and took out a giant diamond ring. This guy is out of his mind!

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