The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 150

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 150

The banquet hall fell silent. All eyes were on these two people, including the three children who were enjoying the pastries. “See how charming our mommy is!” Matteo beamed and gave his mother a thumbs up after seeing this scene, his eyes glowering like stars. Vivian was beaming proudly too as she was a die-hard fan of her mother. However, Ian became more upset. “Daddy, Mommy is running away.” “Well, she can’t!” A familiar voice came from behind suddenly. Ian abruptly looked up. Before he figured out what was going on, a familiar hand swooped the boy up and into the man’s arms. Daddy? Is this really Daddy?

The little guy was surprised at the sight of the man for a long time, and he just couldn’t believe his eyes. Seeing the look on his face, Sebastian rubbed his head. “What’s the matter? Are you dumbstruck? Do you not recognize Daddy anymore?” Ian was still in a daze. Hearing his father’s words, teardrops immediately ran down from his beautiful eyes. He immediately plunged into the man’s arms. “Daddy…I thought…I thought I wouldn’t see you anymore…Daddy…I…I miss you so much…” He hugged his father’s neck tightly with his tiny arms. At that moment, the strong little boy finally broke into tears. He was just a kid, after all. Besides, he had never left his father’s side, and he was brought up by Sebastian all these years.

Sebastian had never seen him this upset before, and he felt a twinge of pain in his heart. He decided not to scold him for being ungrateful, as those words choked at his throat. “Alright, don’t cry. Isn’t Daddy here now?” “Okay…” The little guy responded in a muffled voice while crying in his father’s chest, feeling a little better. Meanwhile, Sasha and Raymond were the centers of attention in the banquet hall. She still couldn’t believe that her business partner would publicly confess to her out of the blue. “Nancy.” She stayed quiet. “Will you be my girlfriend?” Raymond asked persistently.

At that instant, everyone in the banquet hall cheered for him and urged Sasha to be with him. They also reminded her about this rare opportunity that many women could only dream about. They’re right. Raymond is a son from an influential family who used to be royals. They only became aristocrats when they weren’t as successful. However, even if they are only aristocrats, they’re still a powerful family in this city. How would they allow a commoner like me to be his girlfriend?

That’s impossible. At that moment, everyone felt that Sasha had hit the jackpot. Therefore, it disappointed them when the Astorian girl turned him down. “Raymond, don’t mess around. We’re just business partners, and I didn’t think of us otherwise.” “But now you can!” When Sasha was about to leave, the blond man suddenly grabbed her waist and pulled her toward him. “Raymond, you—” Sasha was finally infuriated. Nonetheless, the tall man lowered his head and stared at her with a longing, fiery gaze. “Nancy, I’m not joking. If you agree, I can give you this manor right now.” After saying that, he leaned in and tried to kiss her, but she quickly pulled away from him.

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