The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 151

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 151

Nevertheless, Raymond stubbornly grabbed her when she struggled to prevent her from escaping. “I’m not drunk! I’m more than sober. Nancy, I don’t mind that you’re a single mother, and I’m more than happy to take care of the children. I really love you.” After that, he tried to kiss her again, and she struggled harder than before. What is this crazy man doing? When everyone thought that Sasha could not escape from Raymond, Matteo, who was about to rescue her mother, saw a tall figure walking in. He was wearing a black coat and seemed to be carrying a child too.

Then, a murderous voice was heard before he showed his face. “Get your hands off her!” The banquet hall fell silent. As if time had stood still, everyone’s attention turned from Sasha and Raymond to the man, including Raymond. What a terrifying voice indeed. “Who are you? Who let you into my manor? You must have a death wish!” Raymond roared furiously. Nevertheless, the man ignored him. When he strode out of the darkness with the child in his arms, everyone could see his slender figure with a dark expression hanging on his face. Moreover, the air of nobility around him had startled everyone. Who is this? Everyone present was mostly wealthy and respectable but they still sensed the mysterious man’s threatening aura.

They felt his presence and winced subconsciously. Except Sasha. “I should be the one telling you this instead. How dare you bother my children’s mother? Do you want the Leonard family to be wiped out from the surface of the earth?” The man finally spoke in a deep voice with a threatening tone as he carried the child and walked into the light. However, the deeper his voice was, the more frightening it sounded. Raymond’s eyes suddenly widened in shock.

His children’s mother? Raymond looked at the woman in his arms. He then realized that she had been glaring at the man who suddenly appeared for a while. It looks like they are related to each other after all. Raymond looked at the child and exuded a murderous vibe too. “So you’re Nancy’s ex-husband? How dare you threaten me now?” “Ex-husband?” Hearing this, Sebastian, who was carrying the child, suddenly smiled. “You’re wrong. We’re not divorced.” “What? Not divorced?” “Yes. She wanted to make me a widower but failed. So, if you don’t let go of her in three seconds, the Leonard family will be destroyed,” he reminded kindly. Sadly, Raymond didn’t believe him. Hmph! Who does this Astorian man think he is? Even the other powerful families can’t touch us! He must be out of his mind. Three seconds later, the Astorian man took out his phone in front of Raymond.

“Confiscate every property that belonged to the Leonard family and send them to Mr. Eugene’s place and tell him that I sent him an expensive gift.” Everyone in the banquet hall fell silent. Mr. Eugene was the rival of the Leonard family. However, the Leonards wouldn’t dare to fight him because he was a royal family member. If he found their weakness, he could destroy them easily. What? Does he know Mr. Eugene? And even want to confiscate all our family property to send him as a gift? Raymond looked at the man who just hung up. The manor was in chaos, and the housemaids rushed over to inform him about his family members wanting to see him immediately. Finally, he realized things were going downhill. “Who…who are you?

How do you know Mr. Eugene?” “So what if I do? I am the one who gave Mr. Eugene his land. Do you still think that’s weird?” Sebastian responded indifferently. After saying that, everyone in the hall exclaimed in shock. The land that was gifted to Mr. Eugene was situated in the most prosperous area in the country. The news spread widely and had caused an enormous stir. Even the royal family was envious of that. However, no one knew that it was actually gifted by the famous Hayes Corporation from Astoria. So this is the owner of Hayes Corporation? This is too horrifying! No wonder this powerful man could enter with such a domineering and threatening presence. Everyone froze on the spot, and Raymond almost fainted. I actually offended the owner of Hayes Corporation by proposing to his wife!

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