The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 152

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 152

“Mr. Leonard, let go of my mother! Do you want to further infuriate my daddy? It won’t go well for you!” Matteo warned, in the nick of time. Raymond released his grasp as though he was electrocuted. “I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I thought…” Raymond stammered. “Mr. Leonard, even if my father isn’t the president of Hayes Corporation, this is still no way to treat a lady, you got that? You went too far,” Matteo continued, determined to give Raymond a piece of his mind. After saying that, he stretched out an arm to pull his unsteady mother to her feet. “Mommy, are you all right?”

Matteo asked concernedly. Sasha was distressed. It was unbelievable that with all the effort she’d made to leave Avenport behind, this man still managed to track her down. It was a frustrating and embarrassing experience to be cornered by her past which she sought so desperately to escape. “I’m fine, Matteo. Mr. Leonard had too much to drink today. Why don’t you bring your sister and we’ll get out of here,” Sasha smoothed the front of her skirt and tried to appear calm and dignified. The boys were speechless, as was Sebastian who had just rescued her. He gritted his teeth in irritation at her obstinance. Why couldn’t he keep his hands to himself? Why does he have to trouble himself to be kind to her?

 After she’d kidnapped his sons, he not only did not teach her a lesson, yet rescued her at the first chance he got. He’s reinforcing the notion that she has nothing to fear from him, is that it? If this is the way she wants to play, so be it. Sebastian’s temper flared up again. With a wave of his hand, a guard snapped to attention and marched smartly into the room. “Mr. Hayes,” said the guard. “Take the children.” Sebastian ordered. “Yes, Mr. Hayes,” he complied. “What are you doing, Sebastian? What right do you have to take them away from me?” Sasha cried in fear and held them close to her bosom. “Me? Wasn’t that what you were doing?” Sebastian laughed coldly. “You whisked all three away without a word before. Have some sense of shame.”

At that, he gestured at his guard to grab the children. Sasha went berserk. Without regard for the scene she was causing, she grabbed her skirt and ran after them, screaming “Sebastian, you monster! You return my kids to me. They are mine, do you hear me?” Her heart-wrenching sobs and yells followed Sebastian to his car. Luke, who was at the driver’s seat, glanced uneasily at the rearview mirror. He could see the stumbling and deranged figure of Sasha in pursuit. “Mr. Hayes, perhaps there is a better way to handle this. Like it or not, Ms. Wand is still their mother.” He meant to say “This is no way to treat a lady”, but thought the better of it. It was a cold night, and she was in the street in a thin skirt with no coat on. She may even risk freezing to death just to get her children back. However, the powerful and mighty Sebastian was not moved.

After an indifferent glance at the rearview mirror, he ordered, “Slow down to 40mph.” Luke was perplexed. 40mph? He must have misheard his employer. 40mph outpaces a limping snail, but just barely. But, as soon as he did as instructed, he understood Sebastian’s intention. The figure behind them stopped when she realized that she would not be able to catch up. But the sight of the vehicle slowing down seemed to give her hope, and she started giving chase again with renewed vigor. Luke wasn’t sure to feel amusement or horror at his boss’s sadism. After maintaining this ludicrous speed for about twenty minutes, Luke caught sight of Sasha stumbling and toppling over, too cold and exhausted to stand. “Ms. W- “ Luke exclaimed.

“Stop the car!” Sebastian cut across him sharply. He exited the stationary vehicle into the penetrating frost of the night. Under the dimly lit streetlamps shrouded by fog, Luke watched, dumbfounded, as Sebastian bent over and picked up the limp woman with uncharacteristic gentleness. So, this was done on purpose? The unconscious Sasha was placed in the car and the party proceeded with their journey. She, along with her children, was brought to a hotel owned by Sebastian. The hotel bearing his name was second to none in size and decor. Matteo said nothing throughout the entire trip.

Being a cheerful and upbeat child, he was looking unusually somber. Even upon checking in, he stood holding his sister whilst glaring at his father without a word. The events of the night had greatly angered him. Sebastian easily deduced this. “Matteo, are you mad at me?” he asked. Matteo did not answer. He maintained vicious eye contact with his father and clenched his fists. These two children have completely different attitudes when it comes to treating their parents. Before Sebastian arrived at the manor, Ian follows his mother but thinks about his father the most. When Sasha was in trouble, Matteo was the one to defend their mother. It is likely the consequence of being raised by two entirely different adults.

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