The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 153

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 153

Sebastian understood how Matteo was feeling. He did not compel his son to speak, but knelt down in front of him. I’m sorry,” Sebastian began. “I admit that I was violent and hot-tempered. But if I did not do what I did, your mother wouldn’t have obeyed me.” Matteo shifted his beady little eyes to look his father in his face. “You did all of that for Mommy to follow you?” “That’s right,” Sebastian answered. “As you can see, your mother is stubborn. If I did not pressure her, she wouldn’t have come with us. Forgive Daddy, will you?” He was not lying to his son. That was indeed his motive.

Matteo’s unclenched his fists, but he did not throw himself into his father’s arms for a hug as he normally would. Instead, he remained by his sister’s side and kept his distance from Sebastian. “Mommy became like that because you were mean to her. Daddy, if Mommy displeases you so, why won’t you just let her go? Wouldn’t you both be so much happier if you went your separate ways?” Matteo’s eyes were tinged red as he choked on the words. Sebastian was startled. The boy was right. Why didn’t he let her go? Since he hated her so much, wouldn’t it solve all of his problems if she were to disappear from his sight?

However, for reasons unknown to him, his heart ached at the thought of this woman living her life without him. It was as though something that had belonged to him suddenly had nothing to do with him. It was a deeply unsatisfying idea. Especially during the events in Raymond’s manor. When he arrived at the banquet, all he could think to do was to drag her out of there, and keep her under lock and key. No one else could see her except him. Sebastian felt as though he was losing his mind. He drew himself to full height. “Because I want you brothers to grow up with both your parents. Ian does not want to lose your mother. How about you? Are you willing to lose your father?” His words stung Matteo. Of course he wasn’t willing.

Though sometimes his father can be despicable, Matteo loves him more than anyone in the world. Except for his mother, of course. How could bear to leave his father behind? Matteo fought back his tears and lowered his head. He allowed himself to be led into the shower and for a fresh change of clothes, as did his sister. Sebastian cared for both children that night. In the deep quiet of the night, they held a hushed meeting under cover of the quilt. “Matteo, I wouldn’t want to leave Daddy,” Vivian whispered. “Daddy is the only one who would stand up for us. If not for him tonight,

Mommy would have been taken advantage of by Mr. Leonard.” She was clearly still upset and angry at her mother’s treatment in his hands. Matteo was fuming too at being reminded of that. At the same time, his respect and love for his father increased. “But I think Mommy would definitely not forgive Daddy this time.” “Huh?” Vivian, whose eyes were shining bright with optimism, dimmed in an instant. If it were me, what would I do? Sasha did not manage to sleep at all that night. It could have been because she had over-exerted herself in the pursuit of the car. But she had been mentally on edge for the past two days, compounded with the sleeplessness the night before. Though she lay motionless in bed,

she remained painfully and exhaustedly awake. When she felt the bright golden rays of the dawn of the following day warming her face, she opened her eyes slowly, lashes quivering as she did so. “Finally awake, are you?” the dreadfully familiar voice called out. She froze. What is this? Where is she? Why is this scum here? Didn’t he rob me of my children last night? The last thing she remembered is giving chase to the car. Oddly enough, she was actually catching up to it.

Sasha’s disoriented mind was still making sense of the fractured events of last night. Before she had the whole story straightened out, a heavy set of footsteps approached. Turning towards it, a tall and thin shadow dominated her field of vision. “Sebastian!” Sasha sat up in a flash. There was no mistaking it. The abductor of her children was standing before her in the flesh. The shock was too much for her. As soon as she cried out, she collapsed back into bed. Her brain tried to stay afloat to comprehend the insanity of it all. “I’d advise you to remain calm,” Sebastian said. “You’d need your strength if you still want to see your children.”

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