The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 154

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 154

Sasha took several moments to compose herself. She turned to address Sebastian through bloodshot eyes. “What have you done with my kids? You monster, return them to me.” Her children were her life. Without them, life wasn’t worth living. Even in her current state, all she cared about was their wellbeing. Sebastian brought a chair next to her and sat down comfortably, propping his legs up on her bed. “Sasha, let us establish some ground rules. First of all, the kids are mine as well as yours. Secondly, if I really intended for you not to meet them, you will never be able to, make no mistake.” She settled down.

Eyes remained fixed upon him with distaste and distrust, she nevertheless allowed him to continue. Fear, hopelessness, and grief flashed in her eyes. In spite of herself, she was trembling, with tears flowing freely down her cheeks. She was at a loss. Sebastian was disturbed at the effect he produced. Before he could stop himself, he blurted, “I’m just saying. Don’t cry, I still haven’t decided what I will do.” Sasha felt a trace of hope at that. Perhaps her children were not completely lost to her. She felt completely powerless. To go against him would be akin to an ant struggling in vain to be stomped on. Sasha regained her composure. “So… what will you do?” She clutched her sheets tightly. “I just want to talk to you, Sasha. Why can’t we coexist in peace?”

Sebastian said, finally revealed his motive for waiting for her all morning. “The responsibility to raise our children is ours to share. Why can’t we do it together?” All this time, they have been fighting each other like cats and dogs, in the name of the children. Watching one’s parents fight like that is not something a child deserves. Is the fighting worth it if it deals irreparable damage to them? Shouldn’t they reflect on it and be ashamed of their behavior? Sebastian observed her thoughtfully. After letting his guard down and displaying vulnerability, Sasha’s jeering response was not what he expected. “Coexist? Sebastian, are you toying with me?” Sebastian stared at her, at a loss for words. “Am I wrong? You are the high and mighty Mr. Hayes of Hayes Corporation. I am just a lowly ant, subjected to be crushed to death at the merest sign of your displeasure. How will we be able to coexist?

What peace is there to be found? My life is delicate in your hands. Do you think it’s fair for you to say that?” Sasha did not hold back in her mockery. She was still pale, appearing even more so by the redness in her eyes. But at this moment, her sarcasm was razor-sharp, and it hurt him. Sebastian went from white to crimson in an instant. This b*tch is tired of living!

His handsome features contorted in rage. Nobody has ever spoken to him like that. Even worse, nobody has spoken to him like that after he had chosen to speak to them like an equal. It was difficult, but he managed to control his temper. “The thing with my father,” Sebastian said, trying to keep his voice even. “I know, I went over the line. But Sasha, it has already happened. There’s no point in pursuing this matter. I am serious about coexisting with you. As a sign of my sincerity, I’ve decided that I will return your million to you.” This time, Sasha was the one who was speechless. This scumbag, did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?

It’s already a miracle that he had admitted to being wrong. But to loosen his wallet and give her back what was hers? Something’s wrong with him this morning. After his speech, Sebastian stood up. “I will give you a day to consider. My motive for all of this is for our children, whether you’d believe it or not. Do you think it’ll make them happy if you took them away from me? Think about what you went through last night.” He said before departing. Sasha was still stunned.

It was not until the ceiling fan stopped rotating that she came to. In a fit of anger, she grabbed the pillow behind her and threw it at the door through which Sebastian left. “What about last night? I was having a good time. Men still find me attractive. There are plenty of men who would be willing to raise your kids as their own. Does that thought sicken you?

” She yelled at the door. On the other side, Luke heard her and froze. He was praying that Sebastian had not heard a word of it, though it was near impossible as he stood right next to him. Strangely enough, Sebastian did not bat an eye, other than at the mention of “men who would be willing to raise your kids as their own”, to which he staggered slightly. But otherwise gave no sign that what she said had bothered him. He was getting immune. After all, he had heard this all before

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