The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 155

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 155

Sasha finally gave in to return to Avenport together. If not for anything else, it was because she couldn’t bear to be apart from her children. If she was determined to return to Clear, she reasoned with herself, it would be impossible for her to even bring one of her children with her. Therefore, Avenport seemed like her best bet given the current situation. Her children were overjoyed at her consent. They burst through the door and ran up towards her, pleasing her a great deal. “Mommy, will you really return to Avenport with Daddy?” Vivian squealed. “

This is wonderful! I thought you weren’t going to say yes.” She was the first one through the door and in her mother’s lap. Sasha was surprised. “You were hoping that I would go back there with your father?” “Yes, Mommy,” Vivian replied. “I do not like it when the other kids in the kindergarten ask me about my father. Even if I haven’t been properly reunited with Daddy, it still makes me very happy!” Vivian was a child with simple pleasures. It didn’t take much to fill her little heart with joy. Sasha felt a lump in her throat. Wordlessly, she pulled her daughter in for a big hug. Matteo came in next. “Mommy, I think that you should go with Daddy too,” he informed her solemnly. “We can’t abandon Ian.” He grabbed his brother by the hand.

Ian did not know what to say. He looked down, not willing to let them see his watery eyes. Sasha’s heart ached with sorrow at the sight of him. She knelt down and pulled him in for a hug as well. “Mommy won’t even think about abandoning any one of you. I’m sorry for being rash. I’m sorry for hurting you, Ian.” “Oh, Mommy,” Ian threw his arms around her neck. For all the differences that those three had, they were all her kind and loyal babies. Whether it was Matteo and Vivian who was attached to their mother or Ian who was reluctant to forsake their father, they were angels, none of whom Sasha would willingly part with. So it was on the third day, Sasha and her triplets followed Sebastian back to Avenport. At the same time,

Xandra, who was abroad, was awaiting this piece of good news. Her Aunt Kelly had eyes everywhere. The news of Sasha escaping with her children was caught by Kelly and immediately relayed to her niece. Xandra was here to reinstate herself as Mrs. Hayes. Upon hearing that Sasha voluntarily disappeared with her children, she was over the moon. “Is she crazy?” Xandra exclaimed. “Dragging along three kids with her.” “Who cares?” Kelly retorted. “Isn’t this what you wanted? You don’t have to lift a finger.” She sipped her coffee whilst casting a disapproving eye at Xandra’s drafts on her computer. Xandra followed her aunt’s gaze and panicked. She slammed it shut like she was afraid of being caught with something indecent. “

What nonsense are you talking about? My contract is already signed for.” “Is it, now? Then you’d better make sure you write it well. If the quality is not the same as your previous ones, you’ll be in big trouble.” Kelly said harshly. Xandra turned pale. She opened her mouth to retort, but thought against it and let the matter be dropped. It is true that this incident had been a thorn in her side. She has had years of experience as a publishing author. Even the bestseller ‘The Tattoo of my Heart’ was her work. However, her writing was not what it used to be in recent years. Though the publisher made an exception to sign her on the title of her book alone, she has hit the dreaded writer’s block. Xandra turned off her computer resentfully and brewed herself a cup of coffee. “We should discuss our next move,” Xandra said. “Sasha Wand took her kids away.

Sebastian wouldn’t be very happy about that. I think it’s time for me to return.” “That’s not a bad idea,” Kelly agreed with her niece for once. After an upheaval in his house, a furious man would need a woman’s touch to restore things to order. It did not matter if he pursues his kids. At this moment, he needs a woman by his side. When the kids return, she would have plenty of time to assume a motherly role. And if he doesn’t get them back, even better.

She would have him all to herself. It all looked good to Xandra. It was a win-win situation. “But, before I go, I should investigate this woman.” Kelly was startled. “Investigate her? Are you crazy?” “Relax,” Xandra soothed. “Of course I won’t make it obvious. If that b*tch is unlucky, we will find her, make her go away, and take the kids back to Sebastian. Isn’t that better?” She savored her coffee, delighted with the way her plan is coming together. Her aunt was right, though. She needs to play this right and not do anything rash. With brains like that, she will help the Hayes family return to their former days of glory. Kelly was pleased. This plan might just work out. With that in mind, the two women started laying down the finer details of their plan.

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