The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 156

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 156

The two of them could not have expected that their arrival was bad news. “Has Sebastian’s brain rotted? Why does he want to bring her back? Is he going to teach her a lesson?” Kelly’s first reaction was to be enraged by this news. However, Xandra was different. She thought back to that day at the mall. Sasha had no idea how terrifying Sebastian had been when she left with the man she bought clothes with. He treated Xandra like she did not exist and left the store without another word. He immediately contacted someone to go to the preschool to fetch his son. I’ve never seen him like this. Out of control and childish…

Where’s the stoic Mr. Hayes? He acted just like a child throwing a temper tantrum, and his actions were almost laughable. Is he really bringing the woman back to teach her a lesson? No, it can’t be. He might be bringing her back to keep her securely by his side. Click. Xandra had squeezed her cup so tightly that he snapped. Fresh blood flowed from her palm. The hatred in her eyes had reached its boiling point and had transformed into murderous outrage. Go to hell, Sasha! Sasha finally returned to Avenport. The moment she alighted from the helicopter, she led the two children away instead of climbing into Sebastian’s car. Although she had agreed to come back, it did not signify that she had resolved her issues with him. 

We’re nothing more than strangers who happen to share children. Ian, who was standing at the back and holding his father’s hand, was upset by the sight. “Daddy, Mommy left…” Sebastian did not know how to reply. He had expended a large amount of effort to get her back. It was impossible for him to expect her to obediently go along with him. He tugged his son into his embrace and said, “Let her leave. It’s not like you can’t see her again. Your mother will fetch you from school tomorrow.” “Really?” Sebastian’s reply made the child happy. His eyes lit up as he looked up at his father. This ungrateful little imp. Sebastian led Ian into the car. As for Sasha, when she returned to their old neighborhood, she found that their previous house had been rented out. She had no choice but to search for a new house along with her two children.

“Where are we going to live, Mommy? Can we live somewhere nicer this time?” When Vivian heard that they were going to look for a new house, she thought back to the previous dilapidated rented house. She could not help but voice out her request meekly. Frankly, both children were rather sensible. Whether it was back in Clear, or this old neighborhood, they followed Sasha with no complaints. However, this time the little girl wanted to stay in a beautiful house. Perhaps it was because it was too cold, or because they had lived in their father’s house for some time. At the end of the day, they were both just children. Sasha squatted down in front of them. “Fine, let’s get a pretty house this time.” Vivian cheered.

“That’s great! Thank you, Mommy” Two hours later, the three of them finally settled on a small condo that was decently high-end. “Matt, hurry up. Let’s go and choose our rooms. I want the prettier one!” “Okay.” Matteo was also delighted. The two children went to see the rooms. Sasha smiled at their figures as she started to unpack their luggage. She wanted to organize the rooms before the sun sets so she could cook dinner for the children. Ding. She suddenly received a message. She opened the message and saw that she had just received one million. One million? Sasha scoffed coldly.

She logged into her online banking account and tried to return the money. After that, she immediately called the bank to freeze the card. She left to finish her chores. Throughout, her expression was one of indifference. I never said that I wanted this one million. I might be back, but it has nothing to do with him. The mother and two children spent a peaceful night in their new house. The next day. “Matt, Vivi, time to wake up. You have to go to preschool today.” “Okay, Mommy.”

The lethargic child-like voices came from the pile of blankets. Shortly after, the small humans were carried out by their mother and they started to wash up. Naturally, Matteo dressed himself. A few minutes later, both children were neatly dressed and standing in the living room. “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you,” asked Sasha. Matt was about to reply, but his smartwatch started to ring. He picked up the call. “Hello? Ian?” “Yes, I’m here.” No one expected Ian to say those words. Sasha was stunned. What does he mean? He’s here? While Sasha was still in a state of confusion, Matt had dashed to the balcony.

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