The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 157

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 157

“You really came, Ian.”

Sasha was incredibly shocked. She followed Matt and saw a small human at the bottom of their condo. He was accompanied by a man wearing dark sunglasses and an all-black attire. They stood unmovingly at the entrance.

This child…

Sasha panicked and dashed back into the house to open the door and head down.


When she arrived downstairs, she immediately saw the child standing at the building’s entrance.

Despite being dressed in a thick down jacket, a hat, and mittens, the extremely cold weather had turned his cheeks red. Even his snot had frozen.

“What are you doing? Why did you bring him here when it’s so cold?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Wand. We had no choice. Ian was making a fuss about coming here. He’s insisting on going to preschool with Matt.”

The bodyguard who was holding an umbrella rushed to explain.

Sasha was left with no other option but to carry her son in. Once her other two children were done eating, she took them to the preschool.

At Hayes Corporation in the center of the city.

Sebastian, who had just arrived at the office, switched off his phone after he received the photo from the bodyguard showing that the three children had entered the preschool. He picked up his laptop and went into his office.

Luke walked in to announce that day’s schedule.

“Mr. Hayes, tasks had piled up since you were absent from the office for two days. You might want to read the email from Ms. Green first.”


Sebastian, who had just taken his seat, was initially in a good mood. However, his two shapely eyebrows were now furrowed. “What email?”

Luke immediately brought out his laptop and opened the email from Xandra.

To be honest, it was rather contemptuous.

Even though Xandra had known Sebastian for many years, she still could not send him emails. Sebastian’s inbox had a spam filter. Other than company matters, no one else could send him emails.

This included Xandra.

Sebastian scanned the email and realized it was a draft.

“Mr. Hayes, Ms. Green says that this is the draft she had just finished writing. She’s about to hand it over to the editors, but she wanted you to look it over first. If there’s nothing wrong, she’ll send it to the editors,” explained Luke.

Whenever Xandra wrote a new book, she would ask Sebastian to read the final draft. He would always provide her with a satisfactory answer in the shortest amount of time.

However, after Sebastian scanned this latest draft, Luke caught sight of annoyance flashing past his eyes.

“Set it aside first. Bring the other tasks over.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

Luke closed the laptop and handed the schedule over.

Less than ten minutes later, Sebastian was done looking through the schedule. He walked into the meeting room with the documents and laptop in hand.

For the rest of the day, there was not even a moment’s rest.

However, he could not have expected that on this day, the unimaginable would occur.

“Mr. Hayes, there’s been a problem. Mr. Hayes Sr. suddenly went to the preschool and took the two boys out.”

“What did you just say?”

Sebastian was so shocked that the pen in his hand fell and clattered onto the table.

What is this old man doing? Why is he pulling such a stunt all of a sudden? Doesn’t he know that I just managed to bring the two children back to the country? What if that woman is pissed off by this?

What if she disappears again?

Sebastian’s expression shifted completely. He sprang to his feet and dashed out of the meeting room with no regard for the ongoing meeting.

The people left in the room shared dazed looks.

Mr. Hayes’s behavior is becoming more erratic…

A few minutes later, a black Bentley sped out of the car park. Sebastian stepped on the gas pedal as he called his father on Bluetooth.

Ring… Ring… Ring…


“What are you doing, Dad? Why did you suddenly take the two children out of preschool? Did you ask me for permission first?”

When he heard his father’s voice, Sebastian exploded with anger.

Before he could finish speaking, his father roared back, “You piece of shit. How dare you talk to me like that? You knew full well that I have two grandchildren, and my granddaughter-in-law was still alive. But you kept it from me!”

For a long time, his ear buzzed.

“Dad, I have my reasons for not telling you.”

“As if. Do you really think I don’t know what goes on in that mind of yours? Sasha is innocent. If it was any other woman, she wouldn’t have let you off.” The old man continued to berate Sebastian.

Sebastian’s veins throbbed as he listened to his father, and he constantly wanted to rebuke him.


How about I rip her open to show you her true colors? Why don’t you see for yourself what she did the past two days?

Sebastian gnashed his teeth together. As he drove, he willed himself to stay calm.

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