The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 158

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 158

“Dad, calm down and listen to me. If she finds out that you pulled the two children out of school like that, she’ll be angry too. Can you let us know before you take them?”

“Sasha said that she was going to bring the children to see me. I waited two days but they didn’t show up. You had to have been causing trouble.”

Frederick hung up the phone.

Sebastian almost popped a vein.

In Dad’s eyes, that woman can do no wrong. It’s always my fault. No matter what she does, she’s seen as innocent.

Sebastian suppressed his rage as he sped towards the Hayes residence.

He had a reason for being so strongly opposed to this. Firstly, he had just had a big fight with Sasha, and it took a lot of effort to convince her to bring the children back.

He was afraid that if something set her off, she would never come back again.

Who knows what she’ll do at that time?

There was also the matter of Matteo.

Matteo had never seen his grandfather or been to the Hayes residence. Sebastian was afraid that Matteo would be uncomfortable and traumatized if he was suddenly dragged there.

He was only a five-year-old child, after all.

Sebastian pressed down on the gas pedal again.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the Hayes residence.

Vivian had said that Raymond’s mountain villa was huge, but Ian had said that the Hayes Residence was even larger. Not even ten of Raymond’s mountain villas could compare.

Actually, he was referring to the Hayes Residence instead of the Frontier Bay.

The Hayes Residence had stood since ancient times. It was truly an ancestral home, and it had an estimated market value of a billion. There was no other house in Avenport that could compare in value.

Ian and Matteo were suddenly dragged there. When they saw the opulent and exquisitely decorated mansion, Ian was fine since he had grown up there, but Matteo was suddenly unwilling to go in.

He was slightly afraid.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you going in, my darling grandson? This is your home. Let’s go in, okay?”

Frederick tried to coax his motionless grandson.

However, Matteo did not take a step further.

Ian’s heart went out for Matteo. He took his brother’s hand and whispered, “Don’t be scared.”

He led Matteo in.

“He’s here. Our other grandson is finally here!”

“Really? Let me see.”

“Me too…”

They swarmed around Matteo the moment he stepped through the entrance. They fawned over him like he was a precious gem, each dying to get a look at him.

It was inevitable. This was too shocking!

No one expected that another one of the triplets had survived. He was already so grown.

They stared at the child. Their eyes were like headlights, unblinking and bright.

Matteo was silent.

Am I a monkey? Must they gawk at me like this?

Frederick was chuckling at the side. “Darling grandson, these are your uncles and aunties. A few of them are your grand-uncles. They heard you were coming and came especially to see you.”

Fredrick was afraid his grandson would be terrified and he rushed to do the introductions.

Matteo scanned the room and met the staring eyes. He became even more overwhelmed. When some of the people realized how much he resembled Ian, they could not help but pinch his handsome face.

“It’s real! He’s real!”

He rubbed his aching face. Suddenly, his fox-like eyes curved as he smiled.

“Of course I’m real. After pinching an adorable nephew like me, are you going to give me a present, Auntie? I’m more than welcome to it.”


The woman who had pinched him was taken aback by his cheeky and innocent words. “Of… Of course. I’ll give you a present.”

She was stupefied. Ian would never have said anything like that.

Rather, he would not speak at all.

Matteo was delighted to hear that he would receive a present. “Great! You’re so pretty, Auntie.”


The yard-full of people dissolved into laughter. None of them expected that this new child would be completely different from his brother.

“He says such cute things. Uncle, who raised him? Why is he completely different from Little Ian?”

“Yes. I love him. If they didn’t share the same face, I wouldn’t believe that they’re brothers.”

“Exactly! He’s adorable!”

All of them were surprised by Matteo. They surrounded him as they tried to hug him.

Matteo was not scared anymore. He allowed them to hug him and even greeted each of them in a sweet voice. They became even more entranced by him.

Soon, his arms were overflowing with presents.

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