The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 159

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 159

Ian raised his eyebrow.

“Why are you accepting these? Daddy has all of them!”

“I know. I’m just joking with them. I’ll give them all to Grandpa soon. Don’t worry.”

Matteo patted his brother’s shoulder and assured him that he was just acting. He was not actually going to accept their presents.

Ian was happy to hear that.

Although they had no intention of accepting the presents, they were shocked to see one of the great-uncles carry an embroidered box over.

“Fredrick, I did not expect that our family would have another heir. I’m going to give your grandson the gold pendant you gave me.”

With tears in his eyes, he handed Matteo the embroidered box.

Matteo was confused.

What’s happening?

Why did they suddenly give me this?

Ian nodded. “I have one too.”

Matteo was stunned.

Is that so?

Matteo did not know that because of the Hayes family’s immense wealth, they had always been conscious of heritage. Their heir could only be someone of the purest bloodline.

Anyone else did not stand a chance.

Frederick’s bloodline was pure. Thus, Sebastian was the one who inherited Hayes Corporation.

It was a pity that although Sebastian had Ian, Ian’s physical condition had always been weak. There had been no motion for Sebastian to get remarried.

Hence, Frederick had given one of the gold pendants to his brother.

However, there was Matt now…

Frederick nodded. “Matt, you should accept it. It’s rightfully yours.”

Without hesitation, he told Matteo to accept this gift he had personally given away.

Matteo was only a child. He did not overthink things.

Since his grandfather told him to accept it, Matteo did just that.

Matteo happily slipped the gold pendant around his neck. The brothers went with their grandfather into the dining room for lunch.

As for the great-uncle, he continued to smile while everyone else was still present.

When they all left and the area was quiet, the smile completely dissipated.

The smile was replaced with an absolutely devious expression.

How persistent.

There’s even a healthy one now!

By the time Sebastian rushed to the Hayes residence, a noisy meal was ongoing.

The room was full of people. Sebastian wondered if his father did it on purpose. He invited every member of the Hayes family and even some of his friends over. It looks like a banquet.


Sebastian walked in and his eyes glanced past the two children who were feasting next to their grandfather. He yelled at Fredrick, who was seated at the head of the table.

Frederick lifted his head. As per Sebastian’s expectation, Frederick did not seem happy to see his son.

“Finally here? Have lunch with us.”

Sebastian did not want to start a row with his father here. Hence, he nodded and sat next to his two sons.

“You’re here, Daddy. Did Mommy come with you?”

Matteo was overjoyed to see his father.

But after he looked around and realized that his mother had not come, his smile turned upside down.

Sebastian noticed this. He pursed his lips and rationalized a reason for him. “Your Mommy is at work. They’ll dock her salary if she asks for leave.”


Matteo did not ask anymore.

This was a serious problem. His mother was raising him and his sister on her own. It would be bad if her salary was docked.”

The two boys went back to eating.

Ten minutes later, the banquet’s atmosphere became solemn. It might have been due to Sebastian’s arrival. Shortly after, a few people excused themselves after taking a few more bites.

Sebastian had an intimidating aura in this house. It increased after he inherited power.

After everyone left, Sebastian checked his wristwatch. He intended on taking the two children back. “Dad, since they’ve seen all the family and friends, I’ll be taking them back.”

“What’s the rush? Their mother isn’t even here yet.”

The old man tossed out the statement casually.

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed.

What does he mean? Did he let that woman know?

His expression changed. Anger flashed across his face. His tone became extremely unpleasant. “What are you trying to do, Dad? Do you just do whatever you want now? Are you never going to discuss anything with me anymore?”

“What a joke. I’m your elder. Why should I discuss anything with you?”

Frederick had no intention of backing down.

Sebastian was so angry that he started to chuckle. “What do you think? I’m the head of the Hayes family now. I have the right to make the final decision about everything. Did you ever stop to think about the consequences of your actions?”

“Think about the consequences? Why do I need to do that? Don’t you know that I’ve been cleaning up after you all these years?”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t know what I mean? How about you ask their mother to give you another household register? This way, you’ll be officially divorced. What’s the point of playing all these sneaky games? Are you even a man?”

Frederick told someone to take the children elsewhere so he could glare and chastise his son freely.

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