The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 160

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 160

Sebastian’s expression changed.

His nerve had been touched. He had been so self-righteous and determined. But now, he had lost his voice.

His handsome face was an amalgamation of red and white.

“You’re lucky Sasha is well-mannered. She doesn’t hold it against you. Do you think you’ll be standing here still if it was any other woman?”

A few seconds later, the strained Sebastian murmured, “I wanted to compensate her. She didn’t want it.”

“Compensate? How much did you give her? Two hundred billion? Three hundred billion?” Frederick’s tone still carried a hint of rage.

Given the Hayes family’s wealth, Sasha deserved much more as the two children’s mother.

Sebastian kept his mouth shut.

He could not tell Frederick that he had only returned the one million to Sasha. If he did, Frederick would be even more livid.

Why should I give her so much money anyway?

All I did was lie, and I apologized. The matter is done. Why should we blow it out of proportion?

“Can’t speak? You jerk. I knew it! Fine, I’ll decide this for you. When Sasha comes, you bring out her identity. The two of you will go to the civil affairs office to get divorced today!”

“What did you say? Divorce?”

Sebastian finally reacted. He stared at Frederick. He looked more astonished than he had ever been.

Frederick glared at him. “Yes, divorce! I told you before. Since I’m the one who convinced her to marry you, now that you want her to return to the Wand family, she has to walk out of our family with her head held high. A piece of shit like you can’t be allowed to do as he pleases!”

Sebastian was silent.

His mind was blank. Before he could think about what he was saying, he uttered, “Who says I want to divorce her?”

Frederick was appalled. “You don’t want to divorce her? Then why are using such despicable methods? You even want to strike off her name from our household register. How is this not trying to sever ties with her?”

Sebastian had been rendered speechless.

It was as though something had gotten caught in his throat. He wanted to protest but he could not get a word out.

It was true that he had had this thought before he went through with it.

Whether it was five years ago, or five years later, Sebastian never wanted to see Sasha. She was stupid, greedy, and shameless. Just the mention of her name repulsed him.

Thus, when he found her in Clear, he had immediately instructed Luke to do it.

He did want to sever ties with her.

But now that divorce was on the table, he realized that he was not as happy as he thought.

“That’s not what I meant. I just…”

“Frederick, you misunderstood. It’s not that he doesn’t want to divorce me. He just doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. He’s the president of Hayes Corporation. He’s currently linked to Ms. Green. If news gets out that he has an undivorced ex-wife, it’ll hurt his reputation.”

Just as Sebastian was about to cobble together an excuse, a voice interrupted him.

After she spoke, the two men fell silent and looked her way.

They were surprised to see a young girl wearing a khaki-colored jacket with jeans and white sneakers.

Perhaps it was because she had been hurriedly called away during work, but she was dressed exceptionally casually. Her hair was tied in a simple ponytail. However, there was radiance in her simplicity. Her face was small and her complexion was clean. Her face looked like exquisite jade poised atop her high-collared wool jacket. Her bright eyes seemed cold, but they were full of light. She was so brilliant that no one could tear their eyes away from her.


She really came?

Sebastian took a double take.

This woman is really different from Xandra.

Xandra preferred branded goods. Everything she wore came from luxury stores. Whenever she went out, her makeup had to be perfect.

It was as though she was afraid that people would be unable to recognize her as the future wife of the president of Hayes Corporation.

However, this woman was different.

She gravitated towards a natural style and dressed simply as though she did not care for superficial things. She looked extremely casual.

However, Sebastian could not help but feel that she looked good. In his eyes, she looked unblemished.

Something is wrong!

“You’re finally here, Sasha. Come in quickly. Have you eaten? Shall I ask the housemaid to make you something?”

Mr. Hayes also saw Sasha. He was delighted and hastily ordered a housemaid to prepare food for her.

Sasha waved her hand dismissively. “No thank you, Frederick. I’ve already eaten. I still need to work later. Did you ask me here because of the matter you just mentioned?”

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