The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 161

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 161

Sasha even cut to the chase and asked for the reason she was called here.

Frederick nodded and answered honestly, “Sasha, I’ve given this matter some thought. I thought I had made the right decision when I arranged for you to marry into our family years ago, but now I’ve come to regret it. So, if you want to, I can have that reversed immediately.”

Sebastian fell silent.

“Sure,” the woman, who had just walked in, replied succinctly without any hesitation.

She had not even taken a side glance at Sebastian the whole time.

Sebastian clenched his fists but could not control the veins in his temples from popping violently.

“Alright, since that’s what you wish, I’ll get the household register right now. Once we have your identity restored at the registration office, you and Sebastian can get your divorce certificate right after.”

Frederick was about to instruct someone to retrieve their household register when Sasha spoke, “Thanks, Frederick. But I think we should keep a low profile, just in case it damages the company’s reputation.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sebastian and I can just settle the matter at the civil affairs office at any time. But if he’s not willing to, you may still have to come with me,” Sasha suggested.

Once again, the old man was touched by the thoughtfulness of this woman who would soon cease to be his daughter-in-law and was prepared to agree to her suggestion.

Before Frederick could speak, his son beat him to it as he gritted the words through his teeth, “You’re not seriously asking my father to go to the civil affairs office with you? It sounds like it’s him you’re divorcing!”

The atmosphere in the living room immediately turned frosty. The tension was so tangible in the air one could almost smell the explosives.

Frederick’s eyes widened in intense fury; his fists balled up as he was about to teach his son some manners.

It was Sasha who maintained her composure and spoke matter-of-factly, “I don’t blame you if you understood it that way since that was how we got married in the first place anyway.”

“You—” Sebastian was so overcome with anger he was fumbling for more insults to hurl at the woman.

Being the president of the Hayes Corporation had not prevented Sebastian from being hit in the sore spot the second time in the same day.

The man was beside himself. “Sasha Wand! Do you have a death wish?”

This woman is not taking me seriously at all!

“I don’t understand why you are so worked up, Sebastian. I thought you have always wanted my name to be taken off your household register so that you can replace it with your new partner’s name. I think you should be thanking me for this.”

Seeing Sebastian standing motionless, Sasha raised her voice and continued, “I don’t know what is it that you’re planning in your head against me, but let me be clear on one thing. Although you didn’t wish to marry me in the first place, I’ve still given you two sons. So, if you insist on being a jack*ss about this and don’t mind things getting ugly, I’ll just see you in court!”

Sasha finally fixed her gaze on Sebastian.

Her glare was not only cold but also piercing sharp. Each of her words was filled with anger and hatred.

That must be why he’s refusing to sign the divorce papers now. Before this, he was more than willing to pull out all the stops to get away from me. But now, he’s changed his mind because Frederick is giving me an easy way out and he’s worried that Xandra’s reputation will be harmed if our divorce gets publicized. How cruel and selfish can this person be!

Sasha was still glaring at Sebastian; the corner of her eyes reddened, and her body was trembling from trying to suppress the numbing pain in her body. There was a hint of regret on top of resentment in her emotional eyes.

Sebastian was momentarily dumbstruck.

Am I seeing regret in her eyes? What’s she regretting? Marrying me, or having met me in the beginning?

The intense hatred in Sasha’s eyes had struck him hard. As the man’s thin lips pursed together into a line, he wondered why he felt panicky and lost at the same time. These unfamiliar feelings scared him because, for the first time, Sebastian was losing control of his usual composure.

“Sasha Wand, have you gone crazy? I’ve never said that I didn’t want to be divorced from you, so stop barking like a mad dog! Wait here, and I’ll get somebody to prepare the divorce documents right now!” With great self-restraint, Sebastian hurled the most hurtful words he could think of at her and grabbed his car key before he stormed out of the living room.

Sasha stood still as she watched the fast-moving figure disappear from the corner of her eyes. Suddenly, she felt like the last ounce of energy had left her body as she slumped into the chair behind her.

“Sasha, are you okay?” Frederick was silent the whole time the couple exchanged curses. Her abrupt fall into the chair startled him.

Sasha opened her mouth in an attempt to say something, only to realize that she was too exhausted to utter another word.

Fatigue had overcome her.

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