The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 164

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 164

Ian! Matteo was in complete shock. Immediately, he rushed into the bathroom, where Sasha was giving Vivian a bath.

“Mommy! Mommy! Something’s happened over at Ian’s. Can you please check on him?”

“What?” Sasha sprung to her feet. “What happened to Ian?”

“I-I don’t know. We were on the phone just then, but he went quiet all of a sudden, and then there were loud noises… Mommy, I’m so sorry.”

Matteo’s eyes reddened as he was in full-blown panic mode.

Sasha comforted him by saying, “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Maybe something else was going on over there. I will go over right now, and you’re gonna stay home to look after Vivi, okay?”

After taking Vivian out of the shower and dressing her up, Sasha hurried out the door.

What’s happening to Little Ian? He still seemed fine at Frederick’s today. How can he be in trouble so soon after?

In her frantic moments, Sasha had entertained the brief idea of calling Sebastian to ask him, but the thought of what had occurred at Frederick’s earlier that day stopped her promptly.

I’d better not alert him to this. Since we’re getting divorced, what if he decides to stop me from seeing Ian?

Sasha put down her phone, but her mind was still unsettled. Luckily, it was an off-peak hour, so traffic was considerably smooth. She arrived at Frontier Bay after about half an hour.

“Ms. Wand? What are you doing here so late?” The security guard at Royal Court One recognized Sasha but was still surprised to see her visiting late at night.

Sasha, on the other hand, was so flustered she had no time to explain to him. “I’m here for Ian. What’s happened to him?”

The guard was puzzled by the woman’s question. “Ian? He’s fine. What’s the matter?”

Ignoring his bewilderment, Sasha pushed open the heavy gate and walked straight in.

A few minutes later, Sasha arrived at the villa. However, once she stepped into the living room, she was met with dead silence.

The cold winter night coupled with the absolute silence made the villa seem haunted.

Why is it so quiet around here? I thought something has happened to Ian?

While Sasha stood in the living room in a daze, a voice came from behind her. “Ms. Wand? When did you get here? You should have let me know that you were coming.”

The voice belonged to Wendy. She thought she heard something and came out of the kitchen to check.

There was finally someone Sasha could talk to in the villa. “Wendy, where’s little Ian? Is he okay?”

“Ian? He’s fine. I sent him off to bed after giving him a bath just now.” Like the security guard, Wendy also seemed confused about Sasha’s late visit tonight.

Saying no more, Sasha stole a quick glance at the second floor and started striding toward Ian’s room.

Matt will never lie to me. Since he said that something has happened to Ian, then something must be wrong. The housemaids and guard may not have noticed it yet.

In no time, Sasha arrived outside Ian’s bedroom.

“Little Ian?” she called out her son’s name while trying to push open the door.

Her heart sank when she realized the door was locked from the inside.

What’s going on with this kid? Why is he doing this again all of a sudden?

Wendy, who had followed closely behind Sasha, saw what happened and hurried downstairs to retrieve the bedroom key.

This was no joking matter. Everyone in Royal Court One knew that Ian was not allowed to lock his bedroom door. Given his fragile body and unpredictable emotional state, there was no telling what would happen if he locked his bedroom door.

Therefore, Sebastian had declared that his son’s bedroom door was not allowed to be locked from the inside.

And all this while, Ian had been obeying his father in this regard.

But now, he had locked it again.

Wendy rushed back with the key in her hand. “Ms. Wand, here you go. The key.”

Sasha grabbed the key and swiftly opened the bedroom door.

“Little Ian, what—”

Sasha’s jaw dropped as soon as she dashed inside the room. When she was told that something had happened to Ian, she thought that maybe he had fallen ill again.

But when she was inside Ian’s room, she was taken by surprise; the room was a complete mess!

What’s going on here? What happened to my little Ian?

Sasha’s face turned pale as she surveyed the room; there were over-turned furniture, broken toys, and smashed items on the floor. Panic-stricken, she started searching for her son in the room.

“Little Ian? Little Ian, where are you?”

“Ian? Ian, please tell us where you are,” Wendy called out while checking every corner of the room.

The two adults looked as though they were living their worst nightmare. They had searched every spot in the room, but there was no sign of Ian.

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