The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 165

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 165

It’s like the kid had vanished into thin air!

“How did this happen? Where did he go?”

Panic-stricken, Wendy was about to summon the security guards to search for the kid.

Sasha was no better off. However, she didn’t believe that her child would run away from home. He is only five and will definitely leave some clues behind even if he runs away.

Sasha suppressed the fear in her heart and continued searching the room.

In the end, what got her to breathe a sigh of relief was hearing the soft breathing that came from the huge closet.

“Little Ian!”

Sasha opened the closet immediately.

As suspected, a small, curled-up figure appeared before the two adults. The pale-faced boy with pallid lips was only half-conscious at that moment.

“Little Ian…”

Sebastian was in a club when he received the call from home.

After he got home that afternoon, Leslie showed up and informed Sebastian that the club Hayes Corporation invested in had opened its doors. He was then invited to go check things out as well as relax in the new club.

That was why he went over.

The cocktail had just been served, and it hadn’t even rolled down Sebastian’s throat when his phone rang.

“Sebastian Hayes, what the hell are you doing? Why aren’t you home at this hour? Don’t you know that something terrible happened?”

The sudden angry howl was like dynamite blowing off right beside his ear, which stunned the man and forced him to move his phone away.

“What’s wrong? Who is it?” asked Leslie, who was sitting at the side.

He was curious. This is Sebastian Hayes! Who on Earth is crazy enough to yell at him as soon as the call is picked up?

Life, however, always had a way of surprising a person. Sebastian merely paused for a moment after being reprimanded that badly.

After that, he placed his phone by his ear again and complained, “Sasha Wand, have you gone nuts? How dare you butt into my business?”

“Are you insane? Who the hell cares about you? I’m only calling to ask you to come back because something happened to your son. He has to go to the hospital immediately. As his father, aren’t you being a little too irresponsible?”

What followed next was another series of furious howls.

Sebastian was rendered speechless.

Leslie blurted, “Holy moly, who is that fearless woman? I have got to meet her.”

Those words made Sebastian’s expression turn even uglier.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t actually angry. On the contrary, receiving that call and being yelled at made Sebastian feel pretty good.

I wonder if that is how other wives react. Will they call their husbands up and reprimand them like this whenever the men went home late?

Sebastian put his drink aside.

“Got it.”

Without saying another word, Sasha hung up the call immediately.

That got Leslie utterly stupefied.

I swear, I need to ask this gutsy woman where she found the courage to go up against this tyrant.

And the dude doesn’t even seem angry!

When Leslie walked over and saw that Sebastian was leaving, he asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

This man is acting out of the norm today. Besides staying here for the entire afternoon, he also looks unusually grim. Even though Sebastian never said a word, Leslie, who had known him for over a decade, could still tell that something was amiss.

The problem was that he had no idea what was troubling Sebastian.

“It’s fine. Ian’s just sick.”

“Huh?” blurted Leslie, who was genuinely worried upon hearing that. “Are you sure that everything is alright? Do you need me to go with you?”

Leslie knew that Ian had always been in poor health. Hence, hearing about the news got him worried, and he truly wanted to pay a visit.

Unfortunately, the man standing in front of him outright rejected his kind gesture.

“There’s no need for that. Just make sure that business is running smoothly here.”

Leslie was dumbfounded.

“By the way, Sabrina said that she would be dropping by today. Remember to go welcome her later,” reminded Sebastian before grabbing his car keys and leaving.

Leslie felt like he was just struck by lightning.

Sabrina? D*mn it, there goes my good days.

At the People’s Hospital located in the city center.

Sasha worked in that hospital, so everyone recognized her when she rushed over with her son in her arms.

“Nancy, the boy…”

“He’s my son,” replied Sasha without hesitation.

She has a son?

The doctors on-site hurried over upon hearing that. What truly surprised them, however, was that the boy looked similar to a certain someone…

“What is everyone standing around for? Examine the boy now!”

The head physician scolded the other medical staff when he saw everyone gathering around. With that, everyone dispersed and got to work immediately.

On the other hand, Sasha remained composed while standing at the side.

The kid had always been in poor health, and he practically grew up in the hospital. Hence, it was only natural that the medical staff knew about his condition.

A few minutes later, the ER doctor finally finished examining the boy.

“How is he, Dr. Woods? Is he going to be alright?”

“He’s fine. His condition was likely caused by emotional distress. Did something upset him greatly?” asked the doctor.

Upset him?

However, Sasha was clueless about what happened to the kid too.

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