The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 166

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 166

That being said, Sasha was aware of how easily Ian’s physical health got affected by emotional turmoil. That was why she didn’t use her acupuncture techniques on him and took him to the hospital instead. From her experience, the most suitable treatment for him in such circumstances would be sedatives.

And he’ll also need psychotherapy.

As Sasha stared at the boy on the bed whose eyes remained shut, she felt guilt-stricken.

“I don’t know. He was already hiding in the closet when I arrived, all curled up like a ball. It’s likely that something horrified him.” Sasha speculated.

She was at a loss as she honestly had no idea what had happened to her son, and the kid refused to talk even after he woke up. He simply kept his eyes closed without moving a muscle.

That got Sasha extremely worried.

Dr. Woods nodded and agreed, “Yes, that is most likely what happened. Let him rest for a while. We’ll ask him about it after he wakes up. Maybe he’ll open up then.”


Sasha breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that. After getting the prescription from the doctor, she went to pay the bill and retrieve the medicine.

Sebastian made it to the hospital before Sasha returned from the pharmacy. Upon entering the room, he saw a tiny figure lying on the bed.


Sebastian was much calmer when dealing with his son’s illness. After all, he had brought the child to the hospital countless times.

Despite that, watching the tiny figure under those white sheets still gripped Sebastian’s heart.

He walked over to check how his boy was doing.

Unfortunately, the moment he approached the bed, he saw the tiny thing inching away under the sheets. Ian still had his eyes closed, so he didn’t catch a glimpse of Sebastian but only detected his scent.

Yet, that was enough to make the kid keep his guard up, refusing to get close to his dad.

Sebastian was at a loss for words upon seeing that.

“Here’s the medicine, miss. Please administer it to my son,” said Sasha who had just returned at that moment before handing the medicine for the boy to the nurse.

Hearing that from the side of the hospital bed, Sebastian retracted his long fingers that were clutching onto the edge of the sheets.

When Sasha walked over with the nurse, she realized that Sebastian was there too and abruptly paused in her tracks, almost causing the nurse to crash into her.

“Dr. Nancy?”

“Sorry, let’s go over there.”

Sasha quickly averted her gaze and followed the nurse to her son’s bedside with a needle.

At first, Sebastian had some doubts, but when he saw that the lady seemed professional, he swallowed his words, and with his hands in his pockets, he strode to the seat beside the window.

He seems so freaking relaxed.

Sasha checked the kid’s temperature after attaching a saline bag to him. She later glared at the man icily and informed, “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Sebastian was swiping on his phone with his legs crossed at that moment. He appeared relaxed and nonchalant, exuding the aura of a powerful man. Hearing Sasha say that she would leave the matter to him simply made him look up with an indifferent expression.

“Before you leave, shouldn’t you tell me what happened?”

The hell? He’s only asking about this right now? Was his fatherly love just an act this entire time?

Sasha’s beautiful face turned hostile instantly as she growled, “You’re asking me? How would I know? He was already hiding in the closet when I reached the villa. He was all alone like… like an abandoned pet! If you were home, you could’ve prevented that from happening!”

Sasha’s eyes reddened as she spoke.

Upon recalling how pitiful the child looked inside the closet, tears welled up in her eyes. Every time she thought about his crouching figure, her heart would wrench in pain.

Sebastian was stunned as he didn’t expect her to become so emotional all of a sudden.

She’s even crying…

Sebastian stiffly retracted his gaze. For the first time, he didn’t reprimand her for losing her temper with him.

“It’s been a while since he last acted this way. When he was younger, he stayed in the Hayes residence for some time. That was when he became reclusive and resisted social interactions. After I brought him to my place, he stopped having meltdowns like this.”

Sasha was speechless.

Her bloodshot eyes were still wet with tears when she stared blankly at the man in front of her.

What is that supposed to mean? Is he trying to say that Little Ian is autistic? If that is the case, then everything makes sense since it’s normal for autistic kids to lack a sense of security. In fact, that is precisely the cause of the disorder. As his mother, it is my fault for not giving him the sense of security he needs!

Sasha recalled how the boy always looked sorrowful and reluctant whenever he heard her saying that she was leaving. Now she finally understood the reason behind it.

Her heart ached the second she made sense of everything, and she could no longer stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

Sebastian was speechless.

What is wrong with her? She’s crying regardless of whether I speak up!

“Then I won’t go back tonight. I’ll stay and take care of him.”

Sebastian was utterly baffled.

“Oh, Matt and Vivi are still in the apartment. Get someone to take care of them after you go back. Wendy will do. It’s not safe for two kids to be alone at home.”

Sasha then took out a set of keys from her purse.

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