The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 167

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 167

Sebastian was stunned once again.

He did not expect any of that to happen. When he shared that story, he was just trying to let Sasha know why Ian was sick.

Why are things spiraling this way?

No one knew what was on his mind as he sat there quietly with his dark brown eyes fixated on those keys.

That gaze…

Sasha thought that Sebastian was going to reject her request, so she turned grouchy and demanded, “Why aren’t you leaving? Have you forgotten that Matt is your son too?”

Upon hearing that, the man raised his brows.

He then got up from the chair and grabbed the keys on the way out.

What the hell is wrong with him?

That night, Sasha stayed in the hospital with her eldest son.

Meanwhile, Sebastian left with the keys to the apartment. Sasha thought that he would do as she instructed and get someone else to take care of the kids in the apartment after he returned home.

She didn’t realize that the man went to her place immediately after he left the hospital.


Matteo was in his room when Sebastian reached the apartment. The kid had not been able to sleep because he was worried about Ian. Abruptly, he heard the door being opened.

His tiny head popped out from under the sheets instantly.


Vivian, on the other hand, was snoring lightly like a cute piglet. Sensing her brother moving about, she got upset that the cold air had invaded her warm blanket and grumbled in her adorable voice.

Her chubby arms hugged her brother even tighter.

He was about to pry his baby sister’s arm away when he heard a series of heavy footsteps and the sound of something being tossed onto the table.

He could tell that the person was heading directly to their bedroom.

“Mom… Daddy? What brought you here?”

When the little boy saw the tall figure standing by the door, he was so surprised that his big, round eyes bulged.

Sebastian was a little surprised as well.

It was likely that he didn’t expect the little one to be awake at that hour.

“Were you waiting for your mommy?”

Sebastian walked to the kids’ bed and sat beside them. Stroking the boy’s head, he gestured for him to lie back down so that he won’t catch a cold.

Matteo lay back down obediently.

Still, he was happy to see his daddy there. His eyes shone as brightly as the stars in the sky.

“By the way, Mommy went to check on Ian. Daddy, is Ian alright? Is he sick? Also, why are you here? D-did you come just to see us?” asked Matteo, who was especially careful when he said the last sentence.

Unlike Ian, Matteo wasn’t raised by Sebastian, so their interaction was a little stiff, and they couldn’t chat freely like how Ian did with Sebastian.

Being the intelligent person he was, Sebastian could guess what the kid was thinking.

He sat down by the bedside and tucked Matteo in. “Ian got a fright,” answered Sebastian. “Your mommy is staying in the hospital, so I came to see how you guys are doing.”


As suspected, the little one was ecstatic to hear that answer.

Daddy really came over for us!

As his father gazed at him lovingly, Matteo’s cute face lit up with a bright smile. The boy then asked, “Is Ian’s illness serious, though? I was talking to him over the phone at that time, but he suddenly stopped talking.”

“You were talking to him?” blurted Sebastian in mild astonishment. “What were the two of you talking about?”

“We… uh…”

Instantly, the little guy lying on the bed was lost for words.

He couldn’t exactly tell his father that he and his brother were talking about their parents’ divorce. Daddy will definitely be angry if he learns the truth. He will think that we’re bad kids for eavesdropping.

“I-It’s nothing. We were just talking about the games we play.”

“I see. Ian’s fine, and he will be in good shape again by tomorrow. It’s late, so be good and go to bed.”

Sebastian didn’t press on after hearing that reply. He simply stroked the little guy’s head before telling him to go to bed.

Matteo grinned at his daddy and said, “Okay, but where will you sleep tonight, Daddy? Are you going to sleep here with us? We don’t have that many rooms here, and the only other room is Mommy’s.”

This kiddo is teasing his daddy…

Sebastian pinched Matteo’s button nose before exiting the nursery.

It was not possible for Sebastian to sleep in their nursery because there was only a kid’s bed. There was definitely not enough space for an adult, especially with two kids already sleeping there.

Sebastian ended up going to Sasha’s bedroom. When he opened the door, he saw a small but clean room.

Given Sasha’s financial capabilities, it was normal that she couldn’t afford a luxurious place.

That being said, she kept her room clean, regardless of where she stayed. Even the shabby house in Old Town seemed welcoming after she decorated it.

When Sebastian entered the room, he noted that the room was illuminated by warm lighting with a tidy bed in the middle of it. On the bed was a neatly folded light blue blanket. The room was simple but not lacking. There weren’t many decorative items next to the bed, which suited Sasha’s style because she had always been a minimalist. Besides a bedside table with a thick medical book on it, there was only a nightstand.

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