The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 168

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 168

Despite that, Sebastian didn’t feel like there was anything lacking in the room as he saw a purple vase on the study table placed some distance away. Some fresh chrysanthemum flowers were blooming in the vase.

The stunning flowers were like a ray of sunshine in winter, and they lit up the entire room.

This woman has pretty good taste.

Sebastian took his coat off.

At first, Sebastian planned on spending the night sitting in front of the study table. He regarded himself as a dignified man who was too high and mighty to touch the foul bed that the woman had slept in.

The annoying reality of it was that for some unknown reason, he lay down on it before he even realized it.

To make matters worse, he caught himself wrapped up tightly in that blanket when he woke up the next morning, and he could smell the fragrant scent of that woman wafting from it!

I must’ve been possessed last night!

Overwhelmed by conflicting emotions, he was about to throw the blanket aside and get up when a tiny figure dashed into the room.

“Morning, Daddy. How did you sleep last night?”

It was Matteo.

Sebastian felt even more troubled at his son’s sudden appearance. He quickly whipped his head around and acted like he had been looking in another direction the entire time.

“Good morning. Are both of you up?”

“Yeah, we have to reach the preschool by eight-thirty. Daddy, will you drop Vivi and me off at preschool today?” asked Matteo.

His tiny face was filled with anticipation when he made that request.


Sebastian finally turned around to take a glance at his son. All the man saw was the eagerness and hope in the boy’s eyes, which prompted Sebastian to nod without hesitating. “Sure. Is everyone ready?”

“Not yet. Vivi hasn’t combed her hair yet. Daddy, do you know how to do it?”

Sebastian was taken aback by Matteo’s sudden question as he had no idea how to do something like that.

He had experience in taking care of kids, but since Ian was a boy, there was never a need for Sebastian to tie his hair.

Unfortunately, there were no other adults in the house, so Vivian, who was already in her uniform, had to follow her brother to Sasha’s room. She couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

At first, Vivian didn’t actually believe it when Matteo said that their daddy came to their apartment.

Why would Daddy come to our small apartment? Besides, he is not on good terms with Mommy, and they’re constantly arguing. So why would he come here when he despises her?

Vivian remained skeptical until she actually saw that tall figure in the room.

“Come here, little girl.”

Sebastian looked down at the frightened little girl, who was hiding behind her brother. It was early in the morning, so Sebastian’s patience hadn’t waned yet. He waved his hand to beckon her over.

Only then did the little girl finally approach him.

Unlike his sons, the little girl had plumper cheeks and looked cute as she walked to Sebastian in a daze. She had been standing in front of him for some time with her head tilted up, staring at him with her big, round eyes.

Why is she staring at me like that? Is she showing off her large eyes?

Sebastian reached for the back of her collar and picked her up like she was in a bag. After that, he put her on a stool.

“Gah! You can’t pick me up like that. I am a kid! You’re supposed to carry me,” the little girl finally spoke up. She glared at her daddy after being placed on the stool, and her tiny arms waved in the air when she complained in her cute voice.

Sebastian was stunned.

It was as if he was by the riverbank, and a gust of comforting wind had just swept past him. His heart was filled with a sweet feeling as he looked at her tiny face and listened to her baby voice that was completely different from that of his sons.

With that, Sebastian’s heart softened.

“Okay, I won’t do that again.”

Vivian didn’t utter another word.

Her big, round eyes gleamed as she sat obediently on the stool so that her daddy could tie her hair up for her.

However, she acted up again when he tied her hair.

“Do you actually know how to tie my hair? It hurts when you do that!” complained Vivian angrily as she touched her head of hair that was disheveled. There was no saying how upset she was at that moment.

How is he going to be my daddy if he can’t even tie my hair properly?

Sebastian was a little stumped.

He honestly tried his best, but tying pigtails for the little girl turned out to be more complicated and nerve-racking than signing contracts worth billions!

Whose sh*tty idea is this? Why must girls tie their hair up?

Sebastian was tempted to toss the comb into the trash can.

However, he suppressed that desire, and after putting in his all, he managed to help the little girl tie a simple ponytail. Matteo, who had been watching from the side, could not help cringing.

Nevermind. We should let him off the hook this time. After all, he’s never helped comb his daughter’s hair before.

Surprisingly, Vivian was pretty happy about it.

Her tiny, plump hand caressed the ponytail that her daddy had tied for her. It was like she had just received the most precious gift in the world, and she hopped out of the house happily, leaving the other two dumbfounded.

What the…

At the hospital.

Sasha had woken up by then, and she was getting ready to take Ian home.

“Let’s go home, Little Ian. The doctor said that you’re fine now, so you’ve been discharged,” cooed Sasha as she gazed at the boy who had been sleeping in her arms all night.

Unfortunately, the boy, who was recovering well, closed his eyes as soon as he heard about going home.

He even wanted to turn around and ignore her completely.

Sasha was at a loss.

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