The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 169

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 169

“I was talking about going back to the apartment where your siblings are staying, not the one in Frontier Bay. Do you want to go over there, Little Ian?”

Seeing that the kid refused to talk to her, Sasha deliberately whispered those words into his ears.

As expected, the rascal’s long eyelashes flickered upon hearing that while he was in his mommy’s arms. His eyes remained closed, though.

Sasha couldn’t help finding that hilarious.

Soon after, she took him out of the hospital and brought him to her place. Fortunately, Ian no longer showed any sign of resistance.

Deep down, Sasha was filled with guilt. She had no idea that she played such a huge role in the child’s mental wellbeing. Back then, she saw how sad he was every time she left the house, but she had always assumed that he was simply a little reluctant to see her leave.

I never realized that I affected him that much.

Sasha decided then and there that she would deal with her son’s issues before getting a divorce.

When Sasha took Ian back to the apartment, she assumed that her other kids would be home as well since she didn’t return the night before. But she was surprised to find it empty when she opened the door.

Huh? Where are the kids?

Panic-stricken, she immediately fished out her phone and called Wendy. “Hello, Wendy? Did you take the kids somewhere?”

Wendy paused for a moment before replying, “No, Ms. Wand. I didn’t babysit your kids.”

Panic instantly rose in her heart. Without another word, she hung up the call and rushed to the rooms.

She noticed that the nursery looked normal, but the same could not be said for her own room as her bed was messy. It looked like someone had slept on it, and there were even two balls of crumpled-up tissue paper on the floor.

“It’s Daddy!”

“What did you say?”

Standing by the door, Sasha was stunned to her core upon hearing that. Her eyes bulged as she shifted her gaze to her son, who had followed her to the room.

Ian pointed at the nightstand and said, “His watch…”

A look of surprise crept up Sasha’s face.

At Hayes Corporation.

Sebastian had forgotten to put on his watch that morning.

The moment he woke up that morning, his son got him to tie Vivian’s hair, and the rest of the morning was just one hectic event after the other, so there was no way he would have remembered to wear his watch.

Luke noticed it as well.

That’s strange. Where is his watch?

After entering the room with a bunch of folders, he placed them on the desk before checking his own watch and asking, “Mr. Hayes, are we going to the airport later?”

“Why would we do that?”

Luke didn’t expect the man, who was busying away at the desk, to look up and ask that question in a confused tone.

That got Luke to choke a little on his words.

Really? Has he forgotten what he said yesterday as well? That he wanted to go on a business trip today? I had to rush to get those air tickets!

Luke felt like it was necessary for him to remind the man. “Mr. Hayes, you mentioned yesterday that you wanted to go to Moranta, remember? You even told me to buy air tickets for a flight at eleven o’clock.”

The boss did not say another word after hearing that.

However, the man didn’t move from his seat either. He simply stiffened a little before turning to the folders that Luke had brought over and reading them half-heartedly.

“I’m not going anymore.”

“Huh?” blurted Luke in a stunned voice. “You’re not going anymore?”

“Well, yeah. That annoying Ms. Sabrina is back. Go reserve a private room for tonight. We’ll throw her a welcoming party,” instructed Sebastian calmly.

Luke was baffled.

Is that really necessary?

Since when did these two siblings get so close? Doesn’t he usually ignore his big sister whenever she returns?

Sometimes, Ms. Sabrina would drop by the office to pay her brother a ridiculously short visit, but that’s all. When has he ever thrown a welcoming party for his sister?

Luke found it strange.

However, his boss had already given out the orders, so Luke had no choice but to obey.

“Should I inform Mr. Ian about it?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“And what about Ms. Wand? Should I invite her?” asked Luke cautiously.

Luke’s intentions were simple. It was a family gathering, and since Ian was going, it was only natural for Matteo, who was also Sebastian’s son, to attend the party as well. After all, Matteo had never met his aunt before, so it was the perfect opportunity to introduce them to one another.

To Luke’s surprise, Sebastian rejected that suggestion without giving it a thought.

“There’s no need for that. Just pick Ian up from Frontier Bay.”


Not daring to say anything else, Luke simply turned around and left to deal with the matter.

Sabrina Hayes… It’s probably better if the boy never meets her.

Sabrina was even more notorious than her brother Sebastian. Almost all the other members of the Hayes family kept their distance from her due to her eccentric behavior.

That was especially true for Sasha all those years ago.

Naturally, Sasha didn’t know that Sabrina had returned. The former didn’t clock in that day and stayed at home to care for her eldest son instead.

The two of them ate some home-cooked delicacies, and when afternoon rolled by, they went to the mall where Sasha bought him a new blanket and some pajamas that matched his siblings’ nightwear.

After that, the two of them went to the preschool to pick up Matteo and Vivian.

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