The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 170

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 170

“Little Ian, you will be sharing a room with Matt from now on, okay? Vivi and Mommy will stay in the other room.”


The little rascal had completely recovered and was sitting in the backseat as he hugged his brand new pajamas. His cool features could not contain his excitement and contentment at that moment.

His wish had always been that simple, and it was finally going to be fulfilled.

When Sasha caught his smile through the rearview mirror, she couldn’t help feeling ecstatic as well.

They soon reached the preschool and picked up the two other rascals., who were delighted when they got into the car and heard that their brother would be moving in with them.

“Yay! I love having Ian staying with us!”

Vivian had always been a lively and passionate kid, so she practically tackled Ian, wrapping her tiny, plump arms around him to welcome him in the warmest manner.

Matteo was just as excited.

However, he was still bothered by what had happened the previous night, so he held his brother’s hand and asked out of concern, “Ian, are you okay? What happened last night? Is it because—?”

Ian already had his head lowered before Matteo could finish his sentence.

His expression exuded a hint of guilt and panic as he did so.

Upon noticing that, Matteo didn’t say anything.

So my speculation is spot-on. He was deliberately putting on an act to prevent Mommy and Daddy from getting a divorce…

Matteo finally understood what had happened, and the way he looked at his brother changed instantly. For a moment there, he was filled with conflicting emotions. There was one thing that Matteo was certain of, though.

He never blamed Ian for his actions.

Silly kid…

Matteo draped his tiny arm around his brother’s shoulder and comforted him, “It’ll be fine. I know you’re only doing this to prevent Mommy and Daddy from getting a divorce, so I don’t blame you at all.”

Ian lifted his head upon hearing those words.


“Of course. That was also the issue I wanted to discuss with you when I called you earlier. I don’t want them to get a divorce either, so I wanted to brainstorm some ideas with you,” Matteo confessed to his brother in a low voice.

Matteo’s words managed to put Ian at ease.

After clearing all misunderstandings, the three kids resumed their usual playfulness. As always, Ian was sitting quietly like a young gentleman while Matteo and Vivian caused mayhem.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived at the apartment complex.

“I wanna hold Ian’s new pajamas! Give it to me!”

“Then I’ll help Ian with his new slippers.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll take his blanket then. Shall we cook up a feast to welcome Ian?”

Sasha couldn’t resist chiming in when she saw Matteo and Vivian fighting to help Ian carry his things.

Ian’s lips curled up as well. He had never experienced that kind of happiness and warmth before.

Seeing his mommy and siblings help him with his things prompted him to dash over to them and take back his toiletries.

Sasha smiled as she watched her kids having fun.

It was truly a happy and heartwarming scene.

After they got into their unit, Sasha went to make the bed for her son, but she received a call before she could finish her task.


“Madam, did you take Mr. Ian over to your place?” asked Luke.

Sasha turned around and took a glance at her eldest son, who was playing with the bedsheet’s packaging with his siblings before she nodded.

“Yeah, I did. What’s wrong? Did Sebastian ask you to take him back? If so, please tell him to let Ian stay here for the night. Ian’s mood is a little off, and spending the night here with his siblings can help him relax.”

Sasha thought that Luke was calling because Sebastian wanted Ian home.

However, Luke shook his head and replied, “That’s not it, madam. His aunt is here, and Mr. Hayes told me to fetch him back for dinner.”

“Who did you say has returned?”

Sasha, who was busy making the bed, turned pale when she heard those words and froze in place like a statue.

“His aunt, Ms. Sabrina. Have you forgotten about her, madam?” asked Luke.

Luke assumed that Sasha didn’t remember, so he courteously reminded her over the phone.

Ms. Sabrina? Of course I haven’t forgotten her. How could I? I will probably remember her existence even after I die. She is the first person who taught me what being stabbed in the back felt like.

That was why Sasha remembered that woman, even after all those years. In fact, the mere mention of her name sounded like a nightmare to Sasha.

Sabrina Hayes!

Sasha’s gaze turned hostile as she replied, “Little Ian is busy today. He’s sick and can’t attend any social gatherings or parties.”

After saying her piece, Sasha hung up the call.

Luke was utterly speechless.

Holy crap. That certainly went well. How am I going to explain all this to Mr. Hayes?

Luke felt that things had gotten out of hand.

But what he had not expected was that someone arrived at Sasha’s apartment right after she hung up the call.

“Excuse me, is this Ms. Wand’s place? We’re here to pick Mr. Ian up.”

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