The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 171

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 171

They’re here for Ian?

Sasha hurried out of the room immediately and demanded, “Who are you? Did Sebastian send you?”

“No, you misunderstood, Ms. Wand. We’re here on behalf of Mr. Frederick Hayes. He wants to have a family gathering tonight since Ms. Sabrina is coming home, so he sent us over to pick the kids up.”

The men were pretty courteous and introduced themselves in a polite manner before coming clean about their intentions.

Sasha was left with no other choice.

How am I supposed to reject when Frederick’s the one making the request?

Hence, she begrudgingly returned to the room and packed her sons’ stuff. After that, she walked them out the door.

“Matt, remember to listen to your grandpa and daddy, okay? You can also ask Ian for help if you face any problems.”

Sasha was worried that her younger son would not be able to adapt well at the family gathering, so she nagged a little before they left.

Sensing her worries, Matteo promised confidently, “I got it. You don’t have to worry, Mommy. I will take care of myself.”

Even the usually quiet Ian took the initiative to hold his younger brother’s hand and declared, “I will keep him safe!”

Hearing that finally got Sasha to calm down. She then watched as the kids were taken away.

Vivian had been watching from the side, and after both her siblings were gone, leaving only her mother and her at home, she couldn’t help tearing up a little.


“There, there, my precious. This is all my fault. I’ll cook your favorite drumsticks to make up for this, okay?”

Sasha immediately went to pick up and coo the girl while walking into the kitchen.

She couldn’t help but feel guilty toward her daughter who was left out.

At the Isles Hotel on Norham Isles.

Sebastian only received the update about the change in location of the gathering when it was almost time for him to clock off. It’s so cold out there. Yet, Sabrina wants to have dinner on Norham Isles, which was only accessible through boats.

“Has she f*cking lost her mind?” cussed Sebastian the second he learned of that news.

Not daring to say another word, Luke kept his mouth sealed and waited until his boss got into the car before driving toward Norham Isles.

What was Sabrina Hayes like?

The truth was that anyone who worked in Hayes Corporation would know that Sabrina was a person whose name could get anybody’s scalp to tingle.

Before Sebastian took over Hayes Corporation, Sabrina was the one who helped Frederick manage the enormous company whenever he fell ill.

That was when everyone at the office experienced firsthand the wicked side of that domineering woman, and to make matters worse, she was a control freak!

In other words, anyone who got on her bad side could either obey her every command or end up in a miserable way.

Unfortunately, Sasha was one of the people Sabrina didn’t like back then.

Sebastian was on his way to Norham Isles when he received a text from Sasha.

“Both Matt and Ian went to the party. Frederick sent someone to pick them up. Please look out for them, especially Matt. He had never been to a place like that and… met his aunt before, so pay extra attention to him.”

Sasha only texted him for the kids’ sake.

Dad sent someone to pick the kids up? I don’t remember inviting him to the party, so why is he going?

Confusion flashed past Sebastian’s eyes, but he assumed that Sabrina was the one who sent the invitation, so he didn’t dwell on the matter. Putting his phone aside, he picked up the documents he brought with him.

Forty minutes later on Norham Isles.

What could have happened in forty minutes?

Sebastian hadn’t had the chance to finish working on the documents he brought with him, and he wondered how many of them he had signed.

Unfortunately, inside the luxurious hotel on Norham Isles, one of the two kids was already being interrogated like he was a murder suspect.

That kid was Matteo!

“I will ask you one last time. What is your mother’s ulterior motive? Why did she come back? Tell me!”

That voice was stern and merciless, unlike the tone an aunt should use to talk to her nephew. Moreover, her dark-colored make-up exuded a menacing vibe, which made her seem downright terrifying.

Matteo’s tiny face turned even more pale.

He was normally a cheerful and lively kid, but that night, he became so frightened that he couldn’t even speak.

Is this really my aunt? Why is she so scary?

Matteo was so terrified that his eyes reddened with tears.

Meanwhile, Ian was locked out of the room, and he used his petite hand to bang on the door when he noticed that his brother had been in there for quite some time. “Open the door!” demanded Ian.

“Mr. Ian, please stop banging on the door. Your aunt will let your brother out once she’s done asking some questions. I’m sure it will be soon.”

The security guard responsible for guarding the door walked over to carry the kid away as he didn’t want the latter to disturb the interrogation process in the room.

However, the smart boy saw through the security guard’s intentions and dodged in time. “Open the door!” growled Ian.

“Mr. Ian…”

“You have three seconds. Open the door now, or I promise you won’t live to see the next sunrise!” threatened the furious little guy, resembling a mini version of Sebastian.

His icy aura could make anyone shudder in fear.

The kid was truly similar to his father in terms of both looks and demeanor.

The security guard finally opened the door, and Ian rushed in immediately.

However, it was still too late. All he saw was his brother crying and trembling uncontrollably in front of the scary woman.

“Sabrina Hayes, leave him alone!”

Ian was so angry that his eyes reddened. After picking up the ashtray on the table, he immediately tossed it at the vile woman.

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