The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 172

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 172

He was not afraid!

In the Hayes family, the only person who could do whatever they like unrestrained, and still be able to get away with it scot-free, would have to be Ian.

His aunt meant nothing to him.

Once something struck his nerves, he would not care even if he had to tell it to his grandfather’s face!

It had never crossed Sabrina’s mind that her nephew would suddenly attack her like that. She did not see it coming at all when an ashtray came flying towards her and hit her squarely on the arm with a thud.

“Ian! What have you done? How dare you hit your own aunt!”

“Get out!”

Fuming, Ian yelled at Sabrina. Acting as Matteo’s protector, he came to his younger brother’s defense and shielded his tiny body firmly behind him. At the same time, his hands grabbed onto something else.

As the bodyguard watched, beads of sweat were already dripping down his face.

“Ms. Sabrina, let’s leave this place. Your life will be at stake if Mr. Ian throws the bowl at you,” the bodyguard said as he forcefully dragged the mad woman out of the room.

Indeed, the bodyguard was right. Ian had chosen a bowl from the table as his weapon this time around.

Ian was no pushover. Once triggered, there was really nothing the little boy would not do out of spite. If the bodyguard had not intervened, that bowl Ian was holding might have already smashed in Sabrina’s face.

Sabrina was eventually lugged out of the room, screaming all the way.

As soon as the crazy woman was gone, silence fell in the private room once more. Ian instantly turned around to check on his younger brother.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!”

Matteo had recovered a while ago.

He was frightened at first. He had never met such a scary woman.

However, after Ian came to the rescue and then tossed the ashtray at the villain, Matteo was overjoyed. What’s there to be afraid of? Ian is here to protect me, isn’t he? Ian will beat the crap out of that mad woman!

Matteo gazed at Ian admiringly. “Ian, you’re so awesome! Do you often have to beat up that woman at home?”

Ian’s face turned stone-cold. “She doesn’t dare to mess with me!”


In the end, Matteo did not take this matter to heart, because he knew that it had nothing to do with either Ian or Daddy, and everything to do with that sick aunt of theirs.

And so, the two children left the place, hand in hand.

Right at that moment, Sebastian arrived.

“Sebastian, you’re finally here! Do you know that your son almost beat me to death back there?”

Sabrina, who had been waiting for her brother in the lobby, immediately stormed towards Sebastian when she saw him coming. She showed him her bruised arm and began bombarding him with angry complaints.

Sebastian merely glimpsed at her injury.

Sebastian certainly was not on good terms with his sister. Both of them were aggressive elites and yielded impressive achievements in their respective fields. Siblings like them definitely would not have fostered deep affection for each other.

Furthermore, the two of them saw each other as a thorn in their side ever since an incident long ago.

It happened when they were quite young. Sebastian’s illness had led Sabrina to believe that her brother was physically and mentally incapable. In the years after that, as she followed Frederick’s footsteps in taking charge of the Hayes Corporation, she had been reluctant to let go of the reins.

She believed Sebastian was no longer qualified for the leadership position.

“Why did he hit you?”

Sure enough, Sebastian’s tone was icy cold even after he got a view of the bruise.

Sabrina fired up at her brother’s reaction. “So this is your attitude? Regardless of what happened? Is that what you think, that an aunt deserves abuse from her nephew? Is that what you’ve been teaching your son over the years?”

As soon as she said that, the man who had just entered the lobby turned to narrow his eyes at her.

This was a sign of danger.

The bodyguard next to them took note and hurriedly stepped in to ease the situation. “Mr. Hayes, that… It’s like this. After Ms. Sabrina had the children picked up and sent here, since it was her first time meeting Mr. Matteo, she asked him some questions. Then Mr. Ian got angry at her.”

“What did she ask?”

“She asked young Mr. Matteo how he’s been doing these past few years. Apart from that…”

“Cut the crap! She bullied Matt!”

Just when the bodyguard was attempting to cover up for Sabrina, a raging, childlike voice suddenly echoed from the elevator, mercilessly cutting off the bodyguard’s explanation like the sharp edge of a sword.

The bodyguard said not another word as he stood trembling on the spot, not even daring to lift his head.

Ian and Matteo arrived at the scene.

Sebastian’s eyes flitted to the two children stepping out of the elevator. He was amazed to discover that his eldest son, who used to be so painfully shy, was taking the lead this time.

Gloomy solemnness and a chilly air shrouded the boy’s face.

This little fellow knows how to protect his brother, huh.

The corners of Sebastian’s thin lips curled upwards ever so slightly…

“Daddy, she’s lying!”

Ian brought Matteo over to where the adults had gathered. He feared that his daddy would side with the bodyguard and Sabrina. In front of Sebastian, Ian raised his head and yelled out that line, still fuming.

Sebastian nodded, not doubting his son one bit. “I know that. Is Matt hurt?”

Matteo stepped out from behind his brother. “No, Daddy. I’m not hurt. But Aunt Sabrina…”

Matteo’s eyes, clear and full of innocence, glanced worryingly at Sabrina, who was behind them.

Sebastian acknowledged the irony of the moment. “There you have it, Sabrina. This is the kind of manners I teach my kids. As an aunt, do you have anything else to say?”


Sabrina, the strong-willed woman, had never flushed such a dark shade of red so quickly in her life!

It was like getting a hard slap in the face!

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